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Shutting Down Your Vero Beach Furnace Until Next Winter: What Needs to Be Done?

furnace-thermostatWe’ve made it a few months into the year and, at this point, it’s pretty clear that we’ve seen the last of the cold weather until next winter. What this means is that furnace season in Vero Beach is mostly over. Now, all that’s left to do is to turn off our furnaces.


The question is, how is this done? What exactly do you need to do when shutting down your furnace for the year? Read on to find out! (more…)

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Maintaining Your Furnace in Port St Lucie, Florida

furnace-filter-replacementThough furnaces typically are very sturdy and dependable, they still require a little bit of maintenance every now and then. Typically, furnaces that receive regular maintenance live longer and perform better than those that don’t.


Are you thinking about doing some maintenance work on your furnace? Wondering what exactly needs to be done? If so, you’re in the right place. Here are the primary areas of focus for maintaining your furnace in Port St Lucie Florida. (more…)

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Furnace Maintenance Tips You Should Follow in North Central Florida

blue-flame-furnaceAs residents of North Central Florida, we don’t tend to put as much emphasis on our furnaces as we do on our air conditioners. Unfortunately, some of us end up entirely neglecting the health and well-being of our furnaces, doing nothing to ensure their long-term functionality.


The fact of the matter is that, regardless of how often you use your furnace, there are things you should do to actively maintain it. (more…)

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