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Wi-fi Thermostats in North Central and Treasure Coast, Florida

Today’s thermostats offer tremendous value to the homeowner. They offer more control, convenience and energy efficiency by incorporating the latest technologies, such as wi-fi and machine learning. If you are installing a new HVAC system, upgrading your current one, or simply looking to replace your thermostat, we offer a range of products from high quality brands, including:

Pro-tech in North Central and Treasure Coast, Florida

  • Pro-tech has three products that we offer:
    The CDR Wi-Fi Thermostat
  • The Performance Edge Programmable Thermostat
  • The Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat

The three thermostats cover a range of budgets and preferences. If you would like something simple and efficient, you can go with one of the two programmable thermostats. These allow you to set temperature ranges at various times throughout the day and night. For example, you can set your thermostat at a certain temperature during the day, and then at a different temperature at night, when it is naturally cooler. The thermostat will then take care of the rest.

The CDR Wi-Fi Thermostat is the more technologically advanced option. It is a smart thermostat that automatically learns your heating and cooling preferences over time, saving you up to 20% on energy bills. It also comes with advanced software that is accessible through your mobile device. This means that you can turn on the HVAC system on your drive home from work and have the home at a comfortable temperature when you arrive.

Honeywell in North Central and Treasure Coast, Florida

We also offer a range of thermostats from Honeywell, which come with a host of features and prices. You have smart options, conventional options, thermostats with touch screens, voice activated thermostats, indoor/outdoor thermostats and many more. This range of products allows you to pick the right combination of features for the right price. You could get a top-of-the-line smart option, or you could get a standard, non-programmable thermostat that comes at a great upfront cost. This variety is what makes the Honeywell line of products so appealing.

Ruud EcoNet in North Central and Treasure Coast, Florida

The EcoNet thermostat from Ruud is designed to handle both the air and water systems in your home, placing roughly 65% of your home’s energy consumption under its control. This makes it a very convenient option if you want to have tighter control over your energy spending.

The EcoNet also comes with several different styling variants, both for the interface and the faceplate, which makes it easy to match it to the color scheme of your home. On top of that, you also get all the conveniences of a smart thermostat, such as the ability to control the temperature through your mobile device, scheduling, and various sensors and monitoring capabilities. This thermostat also has a voice command feature, and it can tap into weather forecasts in order to help you better plan your heating schedule going forward. Furthermore, the EcoNet thermostat allows for zoning control. In traditional HVAC systems, the home is heated or cooled in a more or less uniform fashion. With a zoning system, however, you can control the temperature in each room and on each floor differently. This leads to more comfort for everyone, and it can also help you save money on your energy bills.

The Best Thermostat for Your North Central or Treasure Coast, Florida Home

We have a wide variety of thermostats available for all preferences and budgets, from highly effective budget options, to feature-rich high-tech devices. If you would like to find out more information about our products and installation service, contact us today and we will help you pick up the best thermostat for your home.