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May 25, 2024

The service person knows why.

Rose Leatherman

Illegal dumping if ballast containing PCB'S

May 5, 2024

So Friday May 3rd 2024 an ALL AMERICAN AIR AND ELECTRIC work van pull into my Car wash to do some house keeping g on their work van no problem that’s what we are here for. But upon leaving they though it best to dump over 30 ballist contains toxic PCB oil that classifies as hazardous waste into a garbage can so they wouldn’t have to pay for proper disposal what they failed to realize is I have knowledge of Hazardous Waste and Disposal requirements and they thought they were getting away with this, But the Ballist will be dropped at their door way for the proper disposal as well as we will be filing a complaint with Florida Department of Environmental Conservation


Long Time Customer - First Time EXCELLENT SERVICE

April 22, 2024

I have been a customer for over 17 years and I have had many issues with All American Air; many times feeling the need to find another AC provider, many times! In all these 17 years there have been multiple issues with customer service, the product itself and the service technicians that have come out to “maintain the unit” or work on the unit. At one point, I purchased an AC for over $8,000 and with 6 years had to purchase another unit (which the owner did discount for me) but still, to dish out another almost $6,000 in such a short period of time, really made me question everything about this company.

OKAY – SO LET’S FAST FORWARD TO MY LATEST EXPERIENCE 4/21/24 – an AMAZING and I TRULY mean AMAZING gentleman named ROBERT came out promptly at 7:45 to look at my AC that once again STOPPED working, with my sitting at 86 degrees! I just had a $1,000 repair done March of 2023; to say that I was distraught, exhausted and beyond irritated in an understatement and I’m sure very understandable to most; as they, I’m sure would be as well. MOVING ON, ROBERT arrived promptly this hot Sunday morning and began to work on the AC, he was straight to business, which I appreciated, but I was also again, exhausted, emotional, irritated so at first I was taken aback by his “calm straight to business demeanor” WELL, YOU KNOW THAT SAYING DON’T JUDGE…CORRECT, DON’T JUDGE – because ROBERT within 5 mins of pulling off the outside cover to my AC UNIT, immediately found the ISSUE; he reassured me he WOULD BE ABLE TO GET UP AND RUNNING ! AND HE DID!! NOT ONLY DID ROBERT, take great great care in fixing my broken AC (that had a leak and lost all coolant); he also warmed up and was BEYOND KIND, PATIENT, RESPECTFUL AND BEYOND AMAZING!!.. I asked Robert about the rubber padding around the wires and asked if I could replace it…he said “you want that replaced, I can do that for you” and HE DID, but HE DID AN AMAZING DETAILED IMACULATE job of doing it, it wasn’t rushed, it wasn’t half-ass put on, it was put on with care. I also had an appointment schedule for Monday 4/22/24 to have the AC Annual Maintenance performed; well, GUESS WHAT – ROBERT DID THAT TOO!!! He fixed my leak, he fixed the exposed wires, he fixed the cover that had put on incorrectly, he filled my coolant, he flushed my unit, he inspected my unit and he did it all within about an hour and half! THIS MAN IS AMAZING! Just in case his AMAZINESS is lost in all this talking! HE IS WHAT CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE IS ABOUT!! He did his job and for the FIRST TIME EVER ! YES EVER! IN ALL MY YEARS WITH ALL AMERICAN AIR, I FELT CONFIDENT IN THE WORK THAT WAS DONE AND BY WHOM IT WAS DONE BY!! but….the story does not end here…. remember I said, I just had the work done March of 2023…so, Monday 4/22/24 is my birthday and it is a big one ..the 62 ONE 🙂 so you know, or if you don’t you will, when you get older you get very nervous and your patience is a little thin as WELL AS YOUR WALLET; and people love taking advantage of OLDER PEOPLE, especially if you’re a woman, YES, IT’S TRUE…so, once Robert was done, we discussed everything and he handed me what was to be MY BILL — , ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?,? this AMAZING MAN, charged me ZERIO!! THAT’S RIGHT ZERO DOLLARS!!, I SCREAMED WHAT !! NO CHARGE! OMG! well, I immediately began to cry like a two year old child, because I honestly had no clue how I was going to pay the credit card I would’ve had to use for all the work and the emergency charge (of course, things always happen on the weekends or at night … right)…YUP, NO CHARGE, I think I scared Robert, because I grabbed him and hugged him so tightly as if he were my long lost stuffed teddy bear! I thanked him over and over..and yes, true to nature, after he left, I even called him to THANK HIM AGAIN FOR BEING BEYOND AMAZING !! the bottom line here is, THIS MAN IS AMAZING! ROBERT YOU ARE AMAZING!, but also, this man actually saved me as a customer; because quite frankly at this point I was beyond fed up…lots of mess ups with All American Air and sometime very heated conversations due to the lack of what I pay for or any of us pay for…BUT ROBERT, he’s who I always want if I need a REPAIR!! I TRUST HIM 1000000%!! The reason he didn’t charge as he stated “I just had the work done March 2023, it was just a few weeks past warranty; but it had not been sodered correctly (that was my take away)…BUT HE DID MORE THAN THAT; he even waived the “emergency call visit” AGAIN, ROBERT YOU ARE AMAZING, and I truly hope that upper management see’s this review, because to ME and my pups – YOU ARE/WERE MY SAVING ANGEL and I truly hope that THEY VALUE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE IMPORTANT – YOU SAVED THEM A CUSTOMER… I know, I’m sure they have plenty of customers and who cares about one old lady that always has problems (with their units)…but, customer service really matters; because I’ve NEVER WRITTEN ANY TYPE OF REVIEW about this company NOT BAD and NOT GOOD – HOWEVER, BECAUSE OF YOU ROBERT…I CHOSE TO WRITE THIS IN HONOR OF YOU!!! THANK WITH ALL MY HEART AND MY PUPS PAWS TOO – WE THANK YOU!! KEEP BEING AMAZING YOUNG MAN! KEEP BEING AMAZING AND BRINGING HAPPINES TO ALL ! BLESS YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS ROBERT!


Air Conditioner checkup

March 14, 2024

James was are tech today he was very knowledgeable and informative. We will differently use this company for all are air Conditioner needs. Ask for James he an amazing tech!

Robert Adlington

James my A/C Specialist

February 26, 2024

I have been an All American customer for three years now. I have got to know three Specialist and I am impressed by all three. They all enjoy what they do They all have great communication skills , know their subject matter and most of all they all care that you understand what they are looking at and what you can do if something needs attention. James today showed me my A/C and how each part of the A/C worked. He showed me what I should be doing to prevent problems that could hurt the A/C and what to look for first if the A/c stops working completely. I was impressed with his knowledge and how he cared that I understood what he was telling me. All American Is the Best A/C company that I have had in my house and my A/C Bill is Proof. Thank you All American for what you do.

Victor Leslie