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furnace-filter-replacementThough furnaces typically are very sturdy and dependable, they still require a little bit of maintenance every now and then. Typically, furnaces that receive regular maintenance live longer and perform better than those that don’t.


Are you thinking about doing some maintenance work on your furnace? Wondering what exactly needs to be done? If so, you’re in the right place. Here are the primary areas of focus for maintaining your furnace in Port St Lucie Florida.



The first thing you’ll want to do when maintaining your furnace is to give it a good inspection. You’ll want to keep an eye out for any visual red flags (i.e. corroded areas, residue-laden components, etc.). In particular, pay attention to the following:


Flue Pipe

The flue pipe is responsible for transferring toxic gases from the furnace to a safe area. Over time, this pipe can become corroded. We recommend keeping a close watch on it to ensure that it’s not leaking. If it leaks, it could create a dangerous environment in your home.



Your ducts are susceptible to dirt and dust. As time passes, this dirt and dust buildup usually becomes more and more extreme, and can impair the functionality of your furnace. Every year or so, you should take a look into your ducts to ensure that they’re not clogged.



Cleaning is a hugely important part of furnace maintenance. Not only is it wise to clean the exterior of your furnace, but the interior as well. Primarily, you should focus on its combustion chamber.


Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is the area of the furnace where heat is created. In this chamber, fuel and air meet with a spark, causing a flame to ignite. Over time, combustion chambers can take on a great deal of residue. If this residue is not cleaned on a regular basis, your furnace can malfunction.



Ideally, when performing maintenance, you won’t have to make any repairs. However, problems do occur, and repairs are sometimes needed. Components that might require repair include thermocouples, blower motors, and valves.


While some of these repairs are simple to make, others require a good deal of knowledge and skill. A professional HVAC technician might be needed to complete the more complex jobs.



One last aspect of furnace maintenance is component replacement. There are specific furnace components that should be changed on a regular basis in order for the furnace to operate at its maximum capacity. These components include:


Air Filter

Every HVAC system contains an air filter to prevent dust and debris from making their way into the system. Because these filters regularly see so much dust and debris, they should be replaced on a consistent basis. Generally, a change every 1 to 2 months will get the job done. However, if you have cats or dogs in your home, you might want to change the air filter even more frequently.


Oil Filter

The other component you’ll want to change on a regular basis is the oil filter. The best practice is to change your oil filter right before the cold season begins, and also once in the middle of the cold season. It’s possible to replace an oil filter yourself. However, if need be, you can hire a HVAC technician to do the job for you.


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