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air-conditioner-maintenanceAir conditioners are fairly self-sufficient machines. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t require maintenance from time to time. Upkeep is key to the functionality and energy efficiency of an air conditioner and should be carried out regularly.


Hoping to perform some maintenance on your air conditioner in Fort Pierce? Not sure of what the process entails? Then read below. This blog post has you covered.


Changing HVAC Filter

If there’s one AC maintenance measure that you’re going to take, it should be to change your HVAC filter. Over time, as dust and debris make their way into an air conditioner, they clog it and impair its performance. The portion of the AC that gets hit with the majority of this debris is the filter.


A filter will only work for so long until it’s overpowered and useless. In most cases, a change every 1 to 2 months is ideal. It’s important to note, however, that if you have pets in your house, it might be wise to change your filter monthly.


Scrubbing the Coils

Another important component of AC upkeep is the scrubbing of the evaporator coils. These coils exist in the condenser of the AC and are subject to substantial amounts of mildew. If they go uncleaned for a long enough period of time, the efficiency of the AC can become greatly compromised.


You should clean your evaporator coils at least once (but preferably two times) per year: once at the beginning of the AC season, and once in the middle of the AC season.


Clearing Debris

Because air conditioner condensers exist outside, they are subject to a great deal of debris. Tree branches, leaves, grass clippings, trash, and a variety of other entities tend to find their way over to AC condensers, sometimes even becoming lodged deep inside of them.


Unfortunately, the more debris an AC condenser takes on, the more poorly it will perform. Not to mention, if it encounters a hard object, it could suffer physical trauma.


For this reason, it’s important to be vigilant with your condenser, checking it and clearing it of debris on a weekly basis. It also helps to be proactive, trimming any bushes or trees that exist within a 5-foot radius of the condenser.


Straightening Fins

Another aspect of air conditioner upkeep is the straightening of the fins. AC fins exist within the air conditioner condenser and are used to push heat away from the condenser area.


Unfortunately, over time, AC fins can become bent. When this occurs, they perform their function poorly, ultimately reducing the efficiency of the AC at large.


Checking for Leaks

The last component of AC upkeep is checking for leaks. Air conditioners make use of a liquid called refrigerant in order to produce cool air. Unfortunately, if the refrigerant line running from the condenser to the blower becomes damaged, the refrigerant fluid in the system can leak out.


If your AC starts performing poorly, this is the first thing you should check. Fortunately, if a leak does exist, it can be fairly easily fixed.


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