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Residential electrician in Silver Springs Shores FloridaMost homeowners use their electrical outlets on a regular basis. However, most people don’t pay them much attention. If they appear to be working, there’s nothing to worry about, right? Well, not exactly.

Unfortunately, issues with electrical outlets don’t always present themselves right away. In some cases, you’ll have to do some investigative work to spot them.

Are you wondering whether your electrical outlets need to be replaced? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This residential electrician in Silver Springs Shores, Florida is going to discuss some of the signs you should look out for below.

Are Your Outlets Cracked?

First, check to see if your outlet is cracked. If it is, it could cause a house fire. Even a small crack could enable you to make direct contact with the terminals within the outlet. If this happens, you could be shocked. If something else encounters these terminals, a fire could start.

By replacing your outlet, you’ll ensure that these terminals are fully covered. There will be no risk of you accidently touching them. If you notice any cracks, do not hesitate to contact a residential electrician in Silver Springs Shores, Florida.

Are Your Outlets Ungrounded?

Another sign that you need to replace your outlets is that they’re ungrounded. In other words, they have two prongs as opposed to three.

The issue with this is that ungrounded outlets can’t handle power surges. Should one occur, it could cause sparks to fly, resulting in a house fire.

Grounded outlets, on the other hand, have three prongs — one of which is specifically designed to stop power surges. Therefore, if you want your home to be as safe as possible, it’s recommended that you replace your ungrounded outlets with grounded ones. A residential electrician in Silver Springs Shores, Florida will be happy to assist you with this task.

Are Your Outlets Hot to the Touch?

The covers on your outlets should always be at room temperature. If they’re hot to the touch, there’s undoubtedly something wrong with them.

If this is happening, there’s likely loose or damaged wiring on the other side of the outlet. This could be causing power surges, which in turn, could be causing the outlet to become hot. Put simply, this is a dangerous situation. If you’re not careful, your outlets could cause a house fire.

If you’re dealing with outlets that are hot to the touch, it’s best to have them replaced. Your local electrician can handle the replacement.

Are Your Outlets Sparking on a Regular Basis?

You might also notice that your outlets are releasing sparks. In most cases, this occurs due to loose or deteriorated wiring. Because the connection of the wiring isn’t secure, it’s causing power surges that result in sparking.

If you notice this issue, you’ll need to have your outlet replaced entirely to eradicate the problem. To ensure a proper replacement, it’s best to hire a residential electrician in Silver Springs Shores, Florida.

Do Plugs Fall Out of Your Outlets?

The last sign that it’s time to install new outlets is that plugs fall out of them. Instead of staying snugly in place, they loosen up and fall in a downward trajectory.

This is almost always an outlet problem, and not a plug problem. It occurs due to the outlet being worn down over time. The only proper fix is to replace the outlet entirely.

Looking for a Residential Electrician in Silver Springs Shores, Florida?

Are you experiencing issues with any of your electrical outlets? If so, and if you’re looking to have them replaced by a residential electrician in Silver Springs Shores, Florida, look no further than the experts at All American Air & Electric.

Our licensed electricians have replaced outlets in countless properties throughout Silver Springs Shores, Florida. Regardless of the style of outlet you’re looking to install, we can get the job done right.

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