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Electrical contractor in Fort Pierce FloridaElectricity is an absolute necessity for homeowners today. If your electrical system were to suffer an impairment of some kind, it could lead to a host of issues. Fortunately, licensed electricians are available to help when things go awry.

Are you wondering whether you currently need to have your electrical system looked at by a professional? To help you decide, this electrical contractor in Fort Pierce, Florida is going to discuss some of the most common signs that it’s time for a repair.

Your Outlets Are Behaving Strangely

One sign that it’s time to call an electrician is that your outlets are behaving strangely. For instance, your outlets might be hot to the touch, or they might be sparking when you plug things into them.

They might have cracks in them. They might even be struggling to hold onto plugs. All of these are a problem, and if they are not tended to, it could eventually cause a house fire. Fortunately, an electrical contractor in Fort Pierce, Florida can fix the problem by either repairing the wiring in the outlet or replacing the outlet entirely. Regardless, your electrical system will be safe and optimally functional.

Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Let’s assume you have five electrical appliances running in your kitchen. You go to turn on a sixth, and — bam — all your appliances suddenly shut off. This is caused by a tripping circuit breaker, which indicates a large problem in your electrical system.

In most cases, this issue is caused by bad wiring. There are too many outlets connected to a single circuit. Therefore, once too many appliances have been turned on, the circuit becomes overloaded and is forced by the circuit breaker to shut off.

The fix is to rewire your electrical system so that this no longer happens. This should only be done by a licensed electrical contractor in Fort Pierce, Florida.

You’re Trying to Install a New Electrical Component

Maybe it’s a new ceiling fan? Perhaps it’s a thermostat? Maybe a new hot tub is in order? In any case, if you’re installing a new electrical component, it’s strongly recommended that you utilize the services of a professional electrician.

You might be able to get the job done correctly. However, if you were to make a mistake, you could be turning your home into a safety hazard. After all, electricity has the potential to cause fires.

Even if you do decide to install your component on your own, you should still bring in an electrician for a post-inspection. They can determine whether there’s anything amiss and make any changes that might be necessary.

You Smell an Electrical Burning Odor

The last sign that you need the help of an electrical contractor in Fort Pierce, Florida is that you smell an electrical burning odor in your home. This has often been described as a “plastic burning” smell.

If you smell this, it’s likely because there’s an excess of electricity going through the wiring in your walls. The surge is so excessive, in fact, that it’s burning the plastic insulation around the wiring. That’s where the smell is coming from.

There are several factors that can lead to this. Some of them are mostly harmless, while others are a serious cause for concern. Because of this, when such smells present themselves, you should have them checked out by professionals.

Looking for an Electrical Contractor in Fort Pierce, Florida?

Do you currently need to have your electrical system inspected or repaired? If so, and if you’re looking for a licensed and reputable electrical contractor in Fort Pierce, Florida, look no further than the team at All American Air & Electric.

We provide a wide range of electrical services — from electrical installation to electrical repair to electrical inspections and more. Regardless of your needs, our skilled and experienced team has you covered. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.