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AC maintenance contractor in Ocala FloridaLike all machines, air conditioners require maintenance. Failing to maintain your air conditioner will not only impair its functional capabilities, but it can also significantly shorten its lifespan.

You might be wondering: what exactly does air conditioner maintenance entail? This AC maintenance contractor in Ocala, Florida is going to explain some of the key things you should know below.

Keep the Condenser Area Cleared of Debris

Your AC’s condenser exists on the outside of your home. Because of this, it’s perpetually subject to all forms of debris. Should this debris fall into the condenser, it could damage the condenser’s impeller. If there’s too much debris too close to the condenser, it could impair the condenser’s ability to intake air.

That is why it’s important to take measures to keep debris to a minimum. First and foremost, you should trim trees and bushes that sit near the condenser. In addition, you can do a weekly inspection to determine whether any debris has fallen into the condenser.

Apart from that, your AC maintenance contractor in Ocala, Florida will recommend keeping about five feet of clearance on each of the condenser’s sides. This will allow for proper airflow, allowing your AC to work at maximum capacity.

Straighten the Condenser’s Fins

On the outside of your condenser is a series of thin metal strips known as fins. These are designed to protect the internal components of the condenser while facilitating proper air intake.

Unfortunately, over time, they can become bent and misshapen. When this occurs, they block airflow, thus negatively affecting the AC’s performance.

Every six months or so, if necessary, you can manually straighten these fins with a metal knife or other such tool. Run the knife between each fin from top to bottom. This should adequately straighten the fins for maximum airflow.

Clean the Coils

Located within your AC condenser is a set of coils known as condenser coils. These coils are responsible for intaking air and sending it to various other components throughout the AC.

Unfortunately, because they’re outside, they tend to get dirty. This can impair their functionality, and hurt the AC’s overall performance.

For this reason, it’s best to clean these coils every six months or so. This can be done with a specialized coil cleaner. If you need assistance with the task, you can always contact your local AC maintenance contractor in Ocala, Florida.

Empty the Ducts

If you use a central AC, you also make use of ductwork. Over time, this ductwork is going to get dirty. This is because your AC is perpetually intaking airborne contaminants such as dust, pet dander, mold spores, and the like.

The problem with this is that, as more and more of these contaminants accumulate within your ducts, the less functional your ducts will become. Not only will they block airflow, but they’ll also put a strain on your AC unit. This can result in reduced efficiency and a shortened AC lifespan.

The solution is to empty the ducts of all debris. If you do this every two years or so, your system should be good to go. This task is difficult for homeowners to handle on their own, which is why many choose to partner with a professional AC maintenance contractor in Ocala, Florida. They will have all the tools and resources needed to do the job quickly and effectively.

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