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Air purification company in Fort Pierce FloridaOver time, airborne contaminants are bound to accumulate within your home. This can leave your home feeling stuffy, and it might even spur on chronic allergy symptoms.

Fortunately, there are several effective solutions for combating these airborne contaminants. Are you wondering what these include? This air purification company in Fort Pierce, Florida is going to review some of the most popular options below.

Air Purifier

We’ll begin by discussing the air purifier. This is a machine that utilizes several air filters. Each of these air filters is designed to eliminate different sized contaminants, and rid the air of dust, mold spores, bacteria, and more.

Air purifiers come as both standalone units and in-duct systems. Whereas standalone units will purify only small portions of a home’s air, in-duct units will purify all the air that goes through a home. This is because HVAC systems cycle through air constantly throughout each day. Because of this, essentially every airborne contaminant in the home gets filtered.

These filters are highly effective and will help to stave off foul smells and allergy symptoms. If you’re interested in installing an air purifier, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local air purification company in Fort Pierce, Florida. They will be sure to have one that suits the air quality needs of your home or office.


Up next is the ionizer. This machine releases ions into the air on a steady basis. Once in the air, they cling onto airborne contaminants, weighing them down and causing them to fall to the ground.

Ionizers operate as standalone units and can be placed essentially anywhere in a house. They remove not only dust mites from the air but mold spores, pet dander, viruses, and bacteria as well.

It’s important to note that ionizers don’t eliminate airborne contaminants entirely. They only weigh them down so that they’ll stick to surfaces. Because of this, they require you to dust and vacuum more frequently than you would have otherwise.

Interested in setting up an ionizer in your home? A reputable air purification company in Fort Pierce, Florida will be happy to install one for you.

UV Lighting

Another way to neutralize airborne contaminants is with UV lighting. UV lighting kills mold, bacteria, viruses, dust and more. It does this by penetrating said entities with strong bursts of energy. This energy essentially causes the entities to disintegrate, resulting in their eradication from the air,

As with purifiers and ionizers, UV lighting systems come as standalone units. However, they’re much more effective when used in duct systems. This way, they can contact every contaminant that exists within a home.

Duct systems cycle air throughout each day. As a result, every single particle eventually passes through the ducts. With the existence of UV lighting, this spells the end of most airborne contaminants.

While UV lighting won’t kill every contaminant that exists within your home, it will kill the majority. Because of this, your home will feel clean and breathable at all times.

Looking to install a UV lighting system in your ducts? You can get in touch with your local air purification company in Fort Pierce, Florida to learn about your options.

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