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AC maintenance company in Vero Beach FloridaAir conditioners are designed to last for around 15 years. But the thing is, they won’t last this long on their own. If you want your air conditioner to last for as long as possible, it’s recommended that you have your system inspected and maintained regularly.

Are you curious as to what air conditioning maintenance entails? This AC maintenance company in Vero Beach, Florida is going to review all the key aspects below.

Straighten the Fins

On the outside of every air conditioner condenser is a series of metal strips. These strips are known as fins and they’re responsible for processing air that comes into the condenser.

The issue is, over time, these fins tend to become bent and misshapen. This makes it difficult for air to pass into the condenser, thereby resulting in performance issues.

For this reason, every six months or so, it’s best to manually straighten the fins on your condenser. Take a knife and run it between each fin from top to bottom. This will open the gaps between each fin, allowing the condenser to operate as intended.

Keep the Condenser Area Clear

Air conditioner condensers exist on the outsides of their respective homes. Because of this, they are prone to taking on debris and other obstructive elements.

For instance, a tree branch might fall into your condenser. On the other hand, a rock or stone might find its way into your condenser.

How do you reduce the risk of this happening? By keeping your condenser area clear. Not only will your AC maintenance company in Vero Beach, Florida recommend trimming the trees that overhang your condenser, but you should be sure to keep five feet of clearance on each of the condenser’s sides.

Change the AC Filter

Over time, dust and other forms of debris will find their way into an HVAC system or air conditioner. To counteract this problem, ACs are equipped with filters.

These filters stave off dust and debris for around two or three months, after which they need to be replaced. If they’re not replaced in a timely manner, their respective ACs will struggle to run, wasting energy and taking on undue wear and tear.

Any reputable AC maintenance company in Vero Beach, Florida will advise you to replace your AC filter every two to three months. If you have furry pets in your home, you might even want to do it every month, just to be safe.

Clean the Coils

Central to the functioning of air conditioners are the evaporator coils and condenser coils. These components absorb and transmit air, allowing the AC to work its magic.

Unfortunately, over time, they tend to get dirty. The dirtier they get, the harder time they have of performing their function. This can result in performance issues for the AC, and it can even result in wasted energy.

Because of this, it’s best to clean your AC coils every six months or so. How do you go about doing this? It’s simple. Just apply a specialized coil cleaner to each individual coil. This will loosen up any existing grime, after which, you can just rinse it off with water.

Need help with this step? Your local AC maintenance company in Vero Beach, Florida can help.

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