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AC repair company in Ocala FloridaModern-day air conditioners are designed to run well for about ten to fifteen years. However, for maximum longevity, they usually require some maintenance and repairs along the way.

The question is: how can you tell when your AC needs to be repaired? This AC repair company in Ocala, Florida is going to review the signs below.

Refrigerant Leaks

Air conditioners need liquid refrigerant to create cold air. If this refrigerant ever leaves the AC system, the system requires repair.

How can you tell whether refrigerant has left your AC system? You can check for leaks under the refrigerant line. This is an insulated cable that runs from the AC condenser to the inside of the home. If there’s a pool of liquid under it, a refrigerant leak has likely occurred.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Your local AC repair company in Ocala, Florida can patch up the line and fill the system with fresh fluid.

Inconsistent Indoor Temperatures

Ideally, when your air conditioner is running, each room in your home will possess the same temperature. If this isn’t happening – for instance, if one of your rooms is 72°F while another is 76°F — there is likely something wrong with your air conditioner.

Odds are, this has to do with your duct system being dirty. Because the ducts are inundated with large mounds of dust and debris, air can’t travel through them freely and therefore is restricted from entering select rooms.

The solution? You should have your air ducts cleaned by a professional. Your local Ocala AC repair company can candle the task for you.

Strange Noises

Is your air conditioner making squeaking noises? If so, it probably has a loose or broken belt. Repair will be needed to get it up and running correctly once again.

Is your air conditioner making a clunking or slamming noise? Odds are, there’s something trapped inside of your AC condenser. This “something” will need to be removed. Your condenser impellers might need to be replaced as well.

In truth, any strange noises from your air conditioner are a cause for concern. As soon as you detect new noises, you should call your local AC repair company in Ocala, Florida and have them perform an assessment.

Short Cycling

The last sign that you need AC repair is that your AC unit is short cycling. This means that it’s turning on, running for a few seconds, turning off for a few seconds, and then repeating that process repeatedly. Your AC unit is not supposed to be doing this.

What causes this to happen? In some cases, it has to do with the AC unit being over or undersized. In other cases, dirty or bad sensors are the culprit. Thermostat issues can cause this problem as well.

Now, it might not impair your AC’s ability to do its job. In other words, you might still get the temperature you’re looking for. However, it does place undue wear and tear on your air conditioner. Not to mention, it causes it to use more energy than it truly requires.

For this reason, if you notice short cycling in your AC, you’re strongly advised to have your unit assessed and repaired by a processional.

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