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Electrical repair company in Huntington, FloridaElectrical outlets are designed to thrive for years and years of continuous use. However, after enough time, and after suffering certain forms of damage, your electrical outlets may no longer be considered safe. When your outlets reach this point, a replacement will be needed.

Are you wondering whether your outlets are still safe? Need some help determining whether they need to be replaced? Below, this electrical repair company in Huntington, Florida is going to provide some key information that will help you make that determination.

Are Your Outlets Loose?

One sign that you need new outlets is that your current outlets are loose. In other words, they have a hard time holding onto the plugs that are put inside of them.

This generally occurs after years of consistent use. It’s a natural part of an outlet’s aging process. Unfortunately, it’s a problem, not only because it makes it difficult to keep appliances plugged in, but because it increases the risk of house fires.

For this reason, the second you notice this, you should have your outlet swapped out. Your local electrician can help you with the task.

Are Your Outlets Ungrounded?

A sure sign that you need new outlets is that your existing outlets are ungrounded. This means that they have two prong holes as opposed to three.

Why is this a problem? Because ungrounded outlets are much more prone to power surges and house fires. In other words, they’re hazardous.

Grounded outlets, on the other hand, are specifically designed to prevent sparking and house fires. They stop power surges in their tracks and allow for the safest environment possible.

These days, all outlets are grounded. As such, all you’ll have to do is call up your local Huntington, Florida electrician and request to have your outlets replaced. Regardless of your style preferences, you will receive grounded outlets.

Are Your Outlets Cracked?

Another sign that you need new outlets is that your existing outlets are cracked. This might just seem like a cosmetic problem. However, it can have real consequences, such as causing electrical shock and even house fires.

For this reason, the second you notice one of your outlets to be cracked, you need to replace it. It’s vital that the electrical components of the outlet are protected by an intact plate. There shouldn’t be any risk of you (or others) touching the electrical components.

Do Your Outlets Spark?

Do you ever see sparks fly from your outlets when plugging in appliances? If so, you should know that it shouldn’t be happening. When sparks fly from outlets, it’s generally because there’s something wrong with the electrical wiring within the outlet.

As you’re probably aware, this is a safety hazard. Should one of those sparks catch onto something, they could start a fire. Don’t let this occur — have your outlets swapped out as soon as possible by your Huntington, Florida electrical repair company.

Are Your Outlets Hot to the Touch?

The last sign that you need an outlet replacement is that your outlets are hot to the touch. If this is the case, it’s because the wiring within the outlet has been compromised in some way. As such, that outlet is prone to starting a house fire.

The sooner you can get this outlet replaced, the better off you’ll be. It’s best to contact a reputable Huntington, Florida electrical repair company and schedule a replacement right away.

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