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Air conditioning maintenance contractor in York, FloridaIf you want to get the most out of your air conditioner, it’s important that you maintain it regularly. Routine maintenance not only helps with the efficiency of the AC unit, but it extends the lifespan of the unit as well.

Not sure how to maintain your air conditioner? If so, you’re in the right place — this air conditioning contractor in York, Florida is going to explain everything you’ll need to know below.

Keep Your Condenser Area Clean

Your air conditioner condenser exists on the outside of your house. As such, it’s exposed to all sorts of elements, including tree branches, leaves, wildlife, and more. If anything ends up inside the condenser, it could compromise its functionality, which can lead to efficiency issues and even mechanical damage.

With that said, it’s imperative that you keep the condenser area clean. Try to leave at least five feet of clearance on each of your condenser’s sides. Also, be sure to trim back any bushes or tree branches to keep them from growing into your condenser.

Finally, inspect the area for trash and other debris, and clean out the area as needed. The clearer you keep the condenser area, the better off your air conditioner will be.

Swap Out Your Air Filter

Over time, air conditioners take in a substantial amount of dust and debris. Fortunately, air conditioning systems are equipped with air filters to help catch some of this dust and debris.

The only thing is, you’ll have to swap out the air filter to ensure that it doesn’t get too dirty. If it gets too dirty, it will fail to do its job, and dust will be able to circulate throughout your home. This will result in your air duct system becoming exceedingly dirty, leading to efficiency and airflow issues.

How often should you swap out your air filter? In general, you should change it every two months or so. However, if you have pets in your home, you might want to change it even more frequently. If you need help changing your air filters, your local air conditioning contractor in York, Florida will be happy to help.

Clean the Coils

For an air conditioner to function properly, its condenser and evaporator coils need to be in good shape. Unfortunately, over time, these coils tend to get dirty. This often results in efficiency issues for the AC, which can drive up your energy bill.

The solution? You can have the coils cleaned every year or so to ensure the best results. If you don’t want to attempt this your own, a reputable air conditioning contractor in York, Florida can get the job done.

Straighten the Fins

Our last tip is to straighten the fins on the outside of your AC condenser. The fins are the thin metal strips that you see on the outside of the condenser’s shell. They help to regulate air, and they’re vital to the AC’s overall functionality.

Unfortunately, over time, the fins tend to become bent, which can hurt the AC’s functionality. As such, you may need to manually straighten them every so often.

You can do this by taking a knife and run it between each fin. This should open the small gaps between them, allowing for optimal airflow. Again, your local York, Florida air conditioning contractor can help you with this.

Looking for the Best Air Conditioning Contractor in York, Florida?

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Our AC technicians have maintained countless air conditioning units throughout York, Florida. We’ll do everything necessary to ensure that your system is running at maximum capacity. Contact us today to learn how we can help.