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Ultraviolet light air purification system in a houseOver time, the air in your home can become inundated with a variety of different contaminants. These contaminants can not only cause your home or business to feel stale and stuffy, but they can also lead to allergies and other ailments. As a result, many property owners look for ways to eliminate them.

The question is: how? While there are a few different ways to do so, one of the best options is to use ultraviolet lights. Wondering how exactly you can benefit from ultraviolet lights? We’re going to discuss the details below.

Eliminates Mold

Over time, if a home or business is subject to wet or humid conditions, it can take on mold. Not only will this mold drag down the aesthetic of the property, but it will also release mold spores into the air, leading to allergies and other sorts of health problems.

Fortunately, there’s an entity that can stop mold in its tracks. That entity is ultraviolet lighting. Ultraviolet lights kill not only airborne mold spores, but mold that has attached to solid surfaces as well. By installing a UV lighting device, you can significantly reduce the amount of mold in your property.

Port St Lucie Air Purification System That Kills Germs

Germs (such as viruses and bacteria) are always a problem. Not only do they lead to common illnesses like cold and flu, but major illnesses like pneumonia and — in this day and age — COVID-19.

The good thing is that there are devices available that can kill germs. One of these devices is a UV lighting machine. The second that viruses or bacteria come within proximity of your UV lights, they will be destroyed. As a result, UV lighting can greatly increase the health and safety of any indoor environment.

Helps Prevent Bad Odors

Over time, as they’re subject to a variety of different elements (like water, sunlight, and dust mites, to name a few), properties can take on a poor and lingering odor. This odor usually presents itself as a sort of stale musk, and it can greatly diminish the comfort of your home or business.

Sure, you could try to counteract it with air fresheners and open windows. However, it will still exist. If you want to get rid of it permanently, the most effective solution is to install UV lights.

UV lights will destroy the sources of bad odors, thus putting those bad odors to rest. In doing so, they’ll turn your home or business into a much more pleasant place.

Connects Directly to an HVAC System

Modern UV lighting systems are designed to connect directly to HVAC systems. As such, they come in close contact with most particles that exists within an indoor environment. This allows for a deep and thorough cleansing throughout each day.

In short, as long as your HVAC system is running, your UV light system will be working as well.

Requires Little Maintenance

For the most part, UV lighting systems are set-it-and-forget-it types of entities. Each lamp lasts for around 10,000 hours, or a little over a year. In general, you’ll only need to tend to them every 400 days or so.

In comparison to other air cleansing devices, this is a very small amount of maintenance. It takes up only a minimal amount of your time, and it requires very little additional money.

Looking to Install an Air Purification System in Port St Lucie?

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Our team has installed ultraviolet lighting in a variety of homes and businesses throughout the Port St Lucie area. With a number of lights to choose from, we’re sure to have something that suits you.

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