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New electrical outlet at a house in Port St Lucie, FloridaElectrical outlets are designed to thrive through years of consistent use. That said, they’re far from indestructible. Eventually, they will reach a point where they’ll need to be replaced. The question is: how do you determine when this point has arrived?

The key is in looking out for specific signs. Take it from a Port St Lucie electrician: these are six signs that you need new electrical outlets.

1. Your Plugs Fall Out Easily

A sure sign that you need new electrical outlets is that your plugs fall out of your existing outlets with ease. In their prime state, electrical outlets should cling snugly to any and all appliances.

Unfortunately, over time, outlets become worn down and deteriorated. This deterioration results in a loss of friction, thus making it difficult for a plug to remain in its proper position. Short of putting something sticky in your outlet (not recommended), there’s nothing you can do to rectify this problem. You’re going to have to replace your outlet entirely.

2. Your Outlets are Cracked

Like all things existing on this planet, your electrical outlets are vulnerable to physical trauma. Unfortunately, in some cases, this trauma becomes a reality, causing outlets to suffer cracks.

Simply put, a cracked outlet is an unsafe outlet. For this reason, if your outlet is cracked, you’re advised to have it replaced as soon as possible.

3. Your Outlets Feel Hot

Another sign to look out for is outlets that feel hot to the touch. If an outlet feels hot to the touch, there’s a possibility that it’s wired incorrectly. In certain cases, this problem has actually led to house fires.

As such, hot outlets aren’t something to ignore. It’s recommended that you tend to them as quickly as possible to ensure that they don’t cause any costly or dangerous problems. Your local electrical contractor can help you fix this issue.

4. Your Outlets are Sparking

Under no circumstances should your outlets be sparking. If they are, you’ll want to bring in a licensed electrician as soon as possible. Why? Because if your outlets are sparking, you have a very real fire hazard to deal with. 

Sparking outlets are almost always caused by shoddy wiring. Note, though, that power surges can result in sparking as well. While this might not require a total change of your outlet, it will almost certainly require a repair.

5. Your Outlets are Ungrounded

Do your outlets have two prong-holes, or do they have three? If they have only two, you’re advised to have them replaced as soon as possible.

Two-pronged outlets are known as ungrounded outlets. Though they’re not an immediate danger, they’re much more likely to cause a house fire than three-pronged, grounded outlets are. They’re representative of a bygone era, and they have no place in the modern world of electricity.

6. Your Appliances Flicker

Do your appliances flicker on and off every time they’re plugged into a specific outlet? If so, that outlet is likely the culprit.

Odds are, its wiring is compromised in some way. Note, though, that power supply inconsistencies could be the problem as well. In any case, a licensed electrician can come in and assess the problem.

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