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HVAC air filter vents at a house in Ft Pierce, FloridaWhen it comes to Air Conditioning maintenance in Ft Pierce, few things are as important as changing the air filter. Failure to change the air filter on a regular basis puts the air conditioner in a position where it’s forced to expend substantial amounts of energy. This results not only in efficiency issues, but undue wear and tear.

The question you might have is: how often should you change the air conditioning air filter in your Port St. Lucie home? That depends on a few factors, all of which we’re going to discuss below.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of an HVAC Air Filter

As was noted above, an HVAC air filter’s lifespan is affected by a few different factors. They include the following.


Do you have pets in your home? If so, it’s recommended that you change your HVAC air filter much more frequently than you otherwise would. The reason for this? Pet hair!

In a home with several cats or shedding dogs, you’ll likely need to replace your air filter once per month. If you have only one cat or one shedding dog, you’ll likely only need to change your filter every 1 to 1 ½ months. If you don’t have pets in your home at all, you’ll probably want to change your air filter every 2 months.


Another factor that comes into play is the allergies of those who live in the home. Individuals who are highly allergic to dust might have to change their air filters more frequently than those who are not. After all, the more frequently an air filter is changed, the less dust that’s allowed to circulate in the home.

This is largely determined by personal preference. Just know that if you’re congested, itchy, or sneezing frequently, your HVAC air filter might be to blame.

Other Ft Pierce Air Conditioning Maintenance Measures

While changing your HVAC filter might be the easiest of all HVAC maintenance measures, it’s far from the only one you should worry about. In addition to big-time mechanical maintenance, you should also tend to small-time maintenance measures, such as keeping the air conditioner condenser area tidy and vacuuming your vents.

Every year or so, you should consider having your ducts cleaned and sanitized. You should also clean the internal components of your HVAC unit, ensuring that they’re operating as intended.

It’s possible to do all of this on your own. However, if you’re struggling, you can always call in a Ft Pierce HVAC specialist to perform the task.

Need Help Changing Your Air Conditioning Air Filter in Ft Pierce?

Not sure how to change your HVAC air filter? Need help with other HVAC maintenance measures? If so, and if you’re in the Ft Pierce area, we here at All American Air & Electric are the people to call.

We are well trained in the maintenance of home and commercial HVAC systems. Regardless of the nature of your system, we can accommodate you.

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