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electrical-repair-port-st-lucieElectrical outlets are designed to thrive through years of wear and tear. That said, they can still incur functional problems from time to time. As such, it’s recommended that you keep an eye out for any issues.

Curious as to what you should be looking for? This Port St Lucie electrician has you covered. Here are a variety of electrical outlet problems to look out for.

Excessive Heat

One outlet problem to look out for is excessive heat. If your outlet is hot enough to burn your hand, it’s undoubtedly experiencing a problem of some kind.

A number of different factors can contribute to this problem. In most cases, it’s due to faulty wiring. However, in some cases, the fault can lie in the appliance that’s plugged into the outlet.

Take the appliance out and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to call your local electrician.


One of the scariest problems associated with outlets is the problem of shocking. If an electrical outlet shocks or zaps you, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Not only is it operating incorrectly, but it’s become a safety hazard.

Shocks generally come about due to faulty wiring. That said, there could be other factors in play. A licensed electrician will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is, then he or she can set out to correct it.


Do your outlets have splits or cracks? If so, you would be wise to have them replaced. While splits and cracks might not necessarily impair the functionality of your outlets, they could very well go on to if the damage becomes worse. Not to mention, they could cause your outlets to become safety hazards.

Functional Inconsistency

Do your outlets power your appliances at certain times, but fail to power them at other times? Do your appliances power off and on in quick succession while being used? If so, they are most certainly experiencing a problem of some kind.

In all likelihood, this is an issue of loose wiring. Because the wiring is not firmly connected, it’s not able to transmit a consistent signal.

Fortunately, this is a fairly quick fix. You can contact your local electrician, and he or she should be able to solve the problem in no time.


Do your appliance plug-ins fall out of outlets almost as soon as they’re plugged in? If so, your outlets almost certainly could use a replacement.

Over time, outlets often lose their ability to grip onto plugs. This is just a natural part of their aging process. In many cases, a full replacement is recommended.

No Grounding

These days, all new outlets are grounded. This is to say that they’re equipped with three prong holes as opposed to two. The extra prong-hole not only offers protection to the appliance that’s plugged in, but to the person who’s plugging it in as well, preventing electrical overload and, as a result, shocks.

Therefore, if you have any two-prong-holed outlets, it’s recommended that you replace them. While they might still function adequately, they’re not nearly as safe as modern grounded models.

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Our team is well-versed in the maintenance and repair of electrical outlets. Whether your outlets are hot, cracked, loose, or otherwise, we can fix or replace them.

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