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air-conditioner-repair-ft-pierceAir conditioners, by and large, are very sturdy machines. They hold up through years of wear and tear, faithfully serving their corresponding homes and business properties.

That being said, air conditioners can experience problems from time to time. When these problems arise, professional repair is often needed in order to correct them.

Is your air conditioner behaving strangely? Wondering whether you require air conditioner repair in Central Florida? Here are some common signs that it’s time to hire a professional.

Is Your System Making Unusual Noises?

Air conditioners make noise as a natural part of their operation. However, there are some air conditioner noises that signal an inconsistency or functional problem. The most prominent of these noises include squeaking and banging.

Whereas a squeaking noise likely indicates that a belt is loose or broken, a banging noise likely indicates that there’s something stuck inside the AC condenser. If the AC condenser is the issue, you might be able to fix the problem yourself. If the belt is the problem, you might be better served by calling a licensed HVAC repair technician.

Is Your System Reacting Slowly?

Does your system take 5 minutes or more to react every time you make a temperature change? If so, it undoubtedly has something wrong with it. Generally speaking, air conditioners should fire up within around 30 seconds of temperature alterations.

The reason for your slow-moving air conditioner? In all likelihood, it’s probably a thermostat issue. Thermostats with poor connections or spotty sensors can have trouble communicating with their corresponding air conditioners, leading to inconsistencies in operation.

To fix this problem, it’s recommended that you bring in an HVAC repair technician. There’s a chance that you’ll need new wiring installed.

Does Your System Distribute Air Unevenly?

Does your air conditioner tend to make some areas of your home colder than others? If so, the ducts could be clogged.

Over time, air ducts become filled with dust, dirt, and other forms of debris. If allowed to accumulate, this dust, dirt, and debris can block the movement of air. The result of this? Inconsistent airflow from room to room.

To fix this problem, you’ll likely need to clean your ducts. While you could conceivably clean your ducts yourself, you might consider handing the task off to your local HVAC technician.

Is There a Leak Next to Your Condenser?

A sure sign that you require air conditioner repair is that there’s a leak next to your condenser. This leak is most likely coming from the refrigerant line, and it’s a sign that refrigerant is leaving your air conditioning system.

Simply put, an air conditioner can’t function without refrigerant. Therefore, if it leaks out of your system, you’ll need to have it replaced as soon as possible. An HVAC technician can not only fill your system with fresh refrigerant, but he or she can patch up the hole that allowed it to leak out in the first place.

Is Your System Emitting a Foul Smell?

Is your air conditioner emitting a poor smell? If so, it’s likely due to mold growth and bacterial buildup on either its evaporator coils or in your air ducts.

The solution? You can have both of these entities cleaned. By removing mold and bacteria, you’ll eliminate musty smells.

Make Use of Professional Air Conditioner Repair Company in Ft Pierce

Is your air conditioner experiencing any problems? In need of air conditioner repair in Ft Pierce, Florida? If so, the HVAC specialists with All American Air & Electric can help.

Whether you use a central AC, a ductless mini-split, or otherwise, our team can fix it. Regardless of the problem your AC is experiencing, we can correct it in a quick and professional manner.

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