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ac-repair-company-port-st-lucieAir conditioners are reliable machines. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t run into problems from time to time. Odds are, at some point, your air conditioner will encounter a problem, and it will subsequently require a repair.

Perhaps your air conditioner is behaving strangely as of late? Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s in need of repair? It just might be. However, to be sure, you’ll want to look out for a few signs.

Take it from a Port St Lucie air conditioning company. Here is how to tell if your air conditioner requires repair:

There’s a Leak Next to Your Condenser

A sure sign that your air conditioner requires repair is that there’s a leak next to your condenser. If there’s a leak next to your condenser, it’s more than likely a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant is needed in order for an air conditioner to produce cold air. Should refrigerant leave an air conditioning system, it will render the system useless.

Unfortunately, because it’s exposed to the elements, an air conditioner’s refrigerant line is vulnerable to physical trauma. In the event that it meets this physical trauma, it can spring a leak, allowing refrigerant to flow out.

If you find a leak by your air conditioner, you will most likely need to add more refrigerant and then patch up the refrigerant line. While you could attempt to do this yourself, it’s recommended that you bring in a licensed HVAC technician to handle the task.

Your Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noises

Even the healthiest of air conditioners make noise. However, there’s a difference between good noise and bad noise. A good air conditioner noise would be the low “whirring” noise that comes from the condenser fan. A bad air conditioner noise could vary from clunking sounds, to squeaking sounds, to squealing sounds.

All of these sounds are indicative of different problems, but problems, nonetheless. For instance, a squeaking sound might indicate a worn down or broken belt. A clunking sound, on the other hand, might indicate that there’s something trapped in the condenser.

In any case, if you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioner, it would be wise to bring in a professional for an inspection.

Your Air Conditioner is Slow to Operate

Does it take more than 30 seconds for your air conditioner to turn on after you’ve adjusted your thermostat? If so, it’s likely in need of professional attention.

This problem can come about for a number of reasons, but the most common is the existence of a faulty thermostat. Bad wiring or a spotty WiFi connection can prevent a thermostat from reacting in a timely manner. If you want to return your system to its prime state, we recommend calling up a professional.

Your Energy Costs are Higher Than Usual

Are your energy bills becoming more and more expensive despite the fact that the weather is identical to what it was two months ago? If so, your air conditioner is likely the culprit.

Air conditioners utilize substantial amounts of electricity, thereby comprising a large portion of a home’s total electrical costs. Any difference in an air conditioner’s behavior can cause energy usage to spike. Should this occur with your air conditioner, the cost of your energy bills will spike as well.

Therefore, if your energy bills are more expensive than they once were, you should hire an air conditioning technician to check for any problems.

In Need of a Port St Lucie Air Conditioning Company?

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