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electrical-outlet-electricianIn the world of electricity, improvements are always being made. Some of what was standard 30 years ago is considered to be dangerous today. As such, home and business owners tend to encounter a number of problems with their electrical systems.


One of the biggest electrical problems that home and business owners face is the problem of ungrounded outlets. Want to learn more about ungrounded outlets and their dangers? This blog post has all the information you need.


What is an Ungrounded Outlet?

Like most people, you’ve likely come across your fair share of electrical outlets. While you might not have paid them a great deal of attention, you might have noticed that, while some electrical outlets contain three holes, other electrical outlets contain only two.


The difference between these two types of outlets is the difference between a grounded outlet and an ungrounded outlet. While grounded outlets contain three holes, ungrounded outlets contain only two holes.


Both types of outlets are functional. However, ungrounded outlets, in particular, are flawed. Why? Because they do a poor job of handling electrical surges. In other words, they lack the safety capabilities of grounded outlets.


The extra hole present on the grounded outlet is important because it receives any extra energy that cannot be contained by the two holes above. Ungrounded outlets cannot contain this extra energy, and therefore allow such energy to flow outward, sometimes causing damage to appliances and sometimes causing damage to human beings.


Therefore, if you have ungrounded outlets in your home, it’s advised that you have them replaced with grounded models as soon as possible. Making this replacement is vital to the safety of you, your loved ones, and your electrical system at large.


What are the Dangers of Ungrounded Outlets?

You know that ungrounded outlets can be dangerous. However, what exactly does that mean? What kind of dangers do ungrounded outlets pose? We’re going to answer those questions below.



The prominent danger of ungrounded outlets is electrical shock. While an ungrounded outlet won’t shock you every time you plug something into it, it does leave you vulnerable to shock in the event of a power surge or similar electrical problem.


At the very least, an electrical shock will cause injury. At the very most, it can cause death. In other words, it’s not something that you’ll want to leave to chance. Your best and safest option is to have those ungrounded outlets replaced immediately by a Stuart electrician.



Another danger of ungrounded outlets is fire. When an outlet can’t properly receive the energy running through it, it runs the risk of sparking. Wherever sparks are present, fire is a possibility. Therefore, ungrounded outlets have the potential to start fires.


Destroyed Appliances

One last danger of ungrounded outlets is the destruction of appliances. Some appliances, when plugged into ungrounded outlets, can short out, resulting in irreparable damage. While most appliances these days aren’t even capable of being plugged into ungrounded outlets, some are. If you don’t want to lose that $30 phone charger, make sure you’re plugging it into a grounded outlet.


Do You Require the Services of a Stuart Electrician?

Do you have ungrounded outlets in your home or commercial property? Looking to have them replaced with grounded models? If so, and if you’re in need of an electrician in Stuart, the electricians with All American Air & Electric are here to help.


Experienced, insured, and licensed, our electricians have installed outlets for customers all over the Stuart area. Our team would be happy to help you as well.


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