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changing-light-bulbLight bulbs aren’t meant to last forever. Regardless of how they’re manufactured, they do have a shelf life. However, it is possible that your light bulbs could burn out too quickly. Generally, if your light bulbs aren’t lasting at least a year, there is likely an issue of some kind.


Are your light bulbs going out on a frequent basis in Port St Lucie, Florida? Are you trying to get to the bottom of what’s happening? Read on! This blog post should be able to help.


They’re Cheaply Made

One of the main reasons that your light bulbs might be going out is that they’re cheaply-made. Off-brand light bulbs are generally made in a hurry, and are not typically put through the same level of quality control that name brand light bulbs are put through.


The most usual problem that you’ll find with cheap light bulbs is that they’re poorly soldered. Because they’re poorly soldered, they usually deteriorate sooner than they otherwise should.


High Voltage

Another reason that your light bulbs might be burning out so quickly is that the electrical system in your home possesses too high of a voltage. If your bulbs are receiving too much voltage, they’re going to burn brighter than they otherwise would. This, unfortunately, will cause them to burn out sooner.


The easiest way to check the voltage of your electrical system is by using a voltage tester at one of your light fixtures. If the voltage is any higher than 125, we recommend bring in a licensed electrician to assess the problem.



Sometimes, light bulbs go out due to physical stress. Light bulbs that are subject to a great deal of vibration are especially vulnerable to a premature demise. These include light bulbs on ceiling fans and light bulbs under high-activity rooms.


There are two ways to counteract damage due to vibration: 1. Eliminate the source of the vibration, and 2. Buy bulbs with stronger filaments. In general, the higher the quality of the bulbs you buy, the more stress they will be able to withstand.


You’re Screwing Them in Too Tightly

Unfortunately, there is such a thing as screwing your light bulbs in too tightly. If you force a light bulb too far into a screw head, you might impair its connection by pushing the fixture’s electrical conductor too far down.


When the connection becomes impaired in this manner, electricity is forced through the lightbulb at high capacity. After being exposed to this high capacity electrical flow, the light bulb usually burns out prematurely.


If you accidentally push down the tab in your light fixture, you will need to pull it back out. This can be done with a small, narrow tool of any kind. 


Wattage Inconsistencies

Another reason for light bulbs burning out prematurely is inconsistencies in wattage. If the bulbs you’re using possess more wattage than the fixtures they’re attached to, they will cause the fixtures to heat up, burning the bulbs out very rapidly.


This is a very easy fix. Just use bulbs with wattages that are compatible with those of their fixtures.


In Need of an Electrician in Port St Lucie?

Having trouble finding the source of your light bulb outages? If so, it might be time to bring in a professional electrician. Looking for an electrician in Port St Lucie, Florida? If so, All American Air & Electric is the company to call.


Our team of licensed PSL electricians knows everything there is to know about residential electrical systems. Regardless of what may be causing your lightbulb outages, our professionals can have it repaired in no time.


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