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wall-outlet-electrical-fireWall outlets are needed to transfer electricity from electrical systems to appliances. While outlets typically hold up fairly well, they can experience problems. Every once in a while, they will malfunction.


One of the biggest and most dangerous problems associated with wall outlets in Port St Lucie, Florida is the problem of them being too hot. Several factors can cause an outlet to overheat, all of which will be discussed below. Let’s begin!


Your Appliances Contain Transformers

In some cases, an appliance will cause a wall outlet to feel hot to the touch. Generally, the appliances that cause this to happen are the ones that contain transformers.


Transformers are responsible for converting AC power to DC power. Over time, they can get exceedingly hot. Electrical appliances that typically contain transformers include laptop chargers and modems, to name just a few.


If a transformer-containing appliance is at the root of the problem, you have nothing to worry about. Simply unplug it for a while, and let your outlet return to a safe temperature before using it again.


It’s Being Overloaded

Another common cause of hot wall outlets is having too many appliances hooked up to one outlet. This typically happens when power strips are used. People sometimes plug far too many appliances into a single power strip, causing the outlet that is connected to it to become overloaded.


Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily eliminated. Quite simply unplug some of the appliances that are connected to your power strip. This will take a great deal of stress off of the outlet, allowing it to return to a safe temperature.


Its Wiring is Deteriorated

Sometimes, wall outlets overheat because their wiring is impaired in some manner. Standard wear and tear is often the primary cause of impaired electrical wiring. It simply deteriorates over the course of many years.


If you think this might be the cause of your hot outlet, we recommend bringing in an electrician as soon as possible. He or she can inspect your electrical wiring, and make any repairs that might be necessary.


It’s Wired Incorrectly

In other cases, outlets can become hot because of miscues in the installation of electrical wiring. The most typical problem is that the original installer connected all of the outlets in a single room to one circuit.


This is not a good practice, and it often leads to overheated wall outlets. Want the problem fixed? A reputable electrician can come to your home, inspect your wiring as is, and make any necessary changes.


Your Breaker Has Too High of a Rating

One last cause of hot wall outlets (and arguably the most dangerous) is having a circuit breaker with too high of a power rating. Breakers that allow too much power to pass through a system of electrical circuitry are problematic because they often lead to overloads.


Instead of shutting down excessive amounts of electricity, these breakers allow surges of electricity to continue traveling. The longer this excess of electricity surges through a circuit, the hotter and hotter the outlets in the circuit become.


If allowed to exist, this type of situation could result in a house fire. The best option is to bring in an electrician to make the proper changes.


Utilize the Services of a Port St Lucie Electrician

Is one of your electrical outlets exceedingly hot? Looking to utilize the services of a Port St Lucie electrician? If so, All American Air & Electric is the company you seek.


Our team of highly-skilled electricians is beyond experienced in the inspection and repair of electrical outlets. Regardless of what the problem might be, our professionals can have it fixed in just a short time.


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