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furnace-repairmanWhile it might not quite be the time to fire up your furnace for the year, that time is quickly approaching. For this reason, you should be preparing your furnace for its impending use.


To help ensure that your furnace can survive the cold season unscathed, it’s a good idea to look out for problems now. Fixing problems before the cold weather sets in ensures that you always have heat when it’s truly needed.


The question is: how can you determine whether or not your furnace has problems? The answer: by looking for any of the following signs. Here are 4 signs your furnace requires repair in Port St Lucie, Florida.


1. Unusual Noises

A fairly sure sign that your furnace has encountered problems is if it is making unusual noises. Squeaking noises, clunking noises, scraping noises, and other noticeable sounds are all indicative of specific problems with your furnace.


Whereas squeaking noises are often the sign of loose belts, scraping noises are often the sign of loose motor wheels. Clunking noises will often come about due to a furnace being excessively dirty.


In any case, if your furnace is making unusual noises, you should bring in a Port St Lucie heating repair specialist. He or she will be able to target where the noise is coming from, and can perform any necessary repairs.


2. Alarming Smells

Gas smells, chemical smells, and burning smells can all be produced by your furnace. All of these smells are indicators that your furnace requires a repair. However, the type of repair your furnace will need depends on the specific smell.


Gas smells are indicative of gas leaks. These are extremely dangerous, and require the attention of not only a HVAC specialist, but of the local authorities as well.


Chemical smells are often a sign of carbon monoxide leaks. Like gas leaks, these are very dangerous, and require the immediate attention of the authorities.


Burning smells typically present themselves in furnaces due to overworked motors. If you smell a burning smell from your furnace, you should call a licensed repair technician to inspect it. There’s a very good chance that it will need a repair.


3. Missing Pilot Light

Another sign that you furnace requires repair is if its pilot light goes missing in action. After all, a furnace needs a pilot light in order to produce consistent heat.


Pilot lights might become extinguished for a number of reasons. However, in most cases, they go out due to impairments within the furnace. Disturbed thermocouples, in particular, are often the cause of pilot lights flaming out.


If you cannot seem to get your pilot light up and burning again, it’s wise to bring in a heating repair specialist. He or she will be able to sort out the problem in a short amount of time.


4. Incorrect Temperatures

Do the temperatures produced by your furnace vary from the temperatures displayed on your thermostat? If so, a problem has most likely arisen, and needs to be repaired.


When temperatures are inconsistent or incorrect in this manner, there are two general causes: clogged vents and malfunctioning thermostat sensors. Regardless of what your specific problem is, an experienced HVAC technician can help fix it.


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