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Regardless of whether or not your home’s electrical system is fairly solid, it can still encounter occasional problems. When these problems are encountered, electric repair services will be needed.


Are you dealing with a troublesome electrical situation at the moment? Wondering if your particular situation calls for an electric repair service? For reference, here are 5 situations which often require electric repair services in North Central Florida.


1. Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

When a circuit breaker trips, it does so because it’s being overloaded with electricity. Instead of transferring this electricity, it will shut off in order to preserve itself.


While a circuit breaker tripping on occasion is not a serious concern, a circuit breaker tripping on a frequent basis is. If your circuit breaker is tripping once a week or more, it’s likely because your wiring is improperly installed.


To correct this problem, it’s wise to utilize the services of an electric repair service.


2. Light Bulb Flickering

Do you notice your light bulbs flickering all throughout the day? If so, your electrical system is, without question, in need of repair.


Typically, light bulbs flicker because your electrical system contains loose wires. These loose wires create not only a functional issue, but a safety issue as well. Why is this? Because loose electrical wires can potentially cause fires.


If your lights are constantly flickering, it is best to bring in an electric repair service. Such a service will be able to inspect your wiring and make any necessary repairs.


3. Electric Shocks

Imagine this: you go to plug something into an electrical outlet. However, as you’re plugging it in, an electrical shock is sent through your body. In case you’re unfamiliar, this is not normal. Your electrical outlets should never, under any circumstances, be shocking you.


If your outlets are shocking you, they are more than likely wired incorrectly. Who can rewire them and eliminate the shocking? An Ocala electrician, of course!


4. Inconsistent Electrical Currents

Another reason to utilize the services of an electric repair company is if your home is suffering from inconsistent electrical currents. In the vast majority of cases, inconsistent electrical currents come about as a result of loose or deteriorated electrical wiring.


When your home is suffering from this problem, you’ll often find it difficult to keep a light illuminated, or to even charge a phone. While the problem is not dyer, it can be rather annoying.


An electrician will be able to inspect your wiring, looking for any corroded or loose wires. From there, he or she can make any necessary wiring repairs, ensuring that your electrical system is sturdy and strong at all times.


5. Regular Outlet Sparking

Every once in a while, when you plug something into an outlet, you might notice a spark. For the most part, this sparking is normal. However, there are situations in which outlet sparking can be a cause for concern. You should be particularly concerned if your electrical outlets start sparking on a regular basis.


Regular sparking indicates that the problem lies with your electrical system, and not with the appliance that you’re plugging in. In most cases, an electrical overload is the culprit.


Make Use of Electric Repair Services in North Central Florida

Are you dealing with flickering lights? Do your outlets spark on a regular basis? Looking to make use of electric repair services in Ocala or the North Central Florida area? If so, we here at All American Air & Electric are the people to call.


Our team of electrical repair technicians is well-versed in all things electricity. Regardless of the electricity problem you’ve encountered, we can help you get through it.


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