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In our world, electricity is the way of life. To lose our electricity would be to lose almost everything. It’s for this reason that we need to keep out electrical systems running at optimal levels at all times.


How do you ensure that your circuits, outlets, and other electrical components are still in good shape? By keeping an eye out for certain signs and symptoms. Here are the signs that you require electric repair in Port St Lucie.


Your Breakers Are Tripping

A blown fuse every now and then isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. A tripped breaker every other day, however, indicates that something is amiss with the wiring in your home.


Either the wiring has deteriorated to a point that it no longer serves its purpose, or it was incorrectly installed from the beginning. In either case, an electrician will be able to come in and remedy the problem.


Buzzing Circuits

When electric wiring is installed correctly, it should be to be entirely silent. When it’s installed incorrectly, it will often make a fairly loud buzzing noise. This buzzing noise most typically comes from your electrical outlets.


In this case, the issue is either that your wires are deteriorated, or that they are loose. Again, a professional electrician will be able to go into the circuit and fix the problem.


Light Flickering

A sure sign that you require electric repair is if your lights tend to flicker. A flicker every now and then is no big deal…But a flicker every day or every hour is a major cause for concern.


There are a number of causes for flickering lights, from loose fixtures, to loose wires, to loose light bulbs, and more.


Deteriorated Outlets

Are your outlets cracked and loose? If so, it’s recommended that you have them fixed as soon as possible. Deteriorated outlets are not only functionally unsound, they are potentially harmful as well.


All you’ll have to do is replace your old, deteriorated outlets with new outlets. An electrician will be able to perform this task.


Burning Smells

Burning smells coming from your outlets are indicative of two things: a faulty electrical appliance or a faulty outlet. If all of your appliances cause a burning smell when plugged in, the outlets are the problem. If the burning smell only occurs once with a specific appliance, the appliance is likely the problem.


Outlet Sparking

Every now and then, when you plug in an electrical appliance, you’ll see a small spark fly. While the occasional spark is not a cause for concern, sparking which occurs on a regular basis is a major safety hazard.


In most cases, sparking occurs because wiring is loose or deteriorated. However, regardless of the reason, if sparking is occurring often, you need to have an electrician take a look at your outlets pronto.



Have you ever been shocked when plugging in or unplugging an appliance? If so, you need to call in an electrician as soon as possible. Being shocked by your electrical system is far from normal, and it is also potentially dangerous.


While the problem could be with the specific appliance, it could also be with the wiring in your electrical system itself.


Top-notch Electric Repair in Port St Lucie

Have you encountered any of the signs reviewed above? Looking for electric repair in Port St Lucie? If so, we here at All American Air & Electric are the people to see.


We offer both commercial and residential services, working 24/7 to keep our customers satisfied. Our team of electricians looks forward to working with you.


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