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In Florida, air conditioning is a near necessity. While you could live without it, you would be subjecting yourself to some extremely unpleasant months. If you live in Florida, it’s highly recommended that you opt for air conditioning in your home.


There are two types of air conditioning which are typically used by homeowners: ducted air conditioning and ductless air conditioning. Both types of air conditioning have their benefits, but they also have their drawbacks as well.


Let’s compare the two to see which type would best suit you and your situation.


Airflow Quality

When it comes to airflow quality, a single ducted air conditioner unit will always beat a single ductless air conditioner unit. Whereas a single ducted air conditioner unit is capable of providing air to an entire home, a single ductless air conditioner unit will typically only accommodate one room.


However, by using several different ductless air conditioners, you can equal the airflow quality of a single ducted air conditioner unit.


Humidity Control

Here in Florida, high humidity is something we have to deal with unfortunately. While both ducted and ductless air conditioners can remove some of the humidity from your home, ducted air conditioners are much better equipped to handle the task.


If you’re using ductless air conditioners to cool your home, it would be wise to also invest in a series of dehumidifiers.



If you already have ducts installed in your home, the installation process for a ducted air conditioner is fairly simple. However, if you don’t already have ducts installed, the process becomes both expensive and time-consuming.


In contrast, ductless air conditioners are easy to install for anyone. Not only is their installation process cheaper than the ducted installation process, it’s less time-consuming as well.



Aesthetically speaking, ducted air conditioners are typically less invasive than ductless air conditioners. When you install a ducted air conditioner, the only things which will disturb your home’s aesthetic are a few wall and ceiling vents.


Ductless air conditioners, on the other hand, have much bulkier cooling mechanism. While highly-functional, they can be a little aesthetically distracting.



For the most part, both ducted and ductless air conditioners are fairly low maintenance. While they may hit a few issues now and then, they typically thrive for long periods of time without having any problems.



Temperature Variation

Wouldn’t it be nice to have different temperatures in different rooms of your house? With a ductless air conditioner, this is a possibility. Because one unit will only accommodate one room, ductless air conditioners allow for a great deal of temperature variation.


Ducted air conditioners, on the other hand, only allow one temperature to be set all throughout the entire home.



When comparing the costs of ducted and ductless air conditioners, there is something which you must consider. While a single ductless air conditioner unit is less expensive than a single ducted air conditioner unit, a single ductless air conditioner unit will typically not be enough to cool an entire home.


In most cases, if you’re trying to cool an entire home, a ductless option will be more expensive than a ducted option.


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