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heat-pumpWhile you are probably familiar with traditional heating devices such as gas furnaces, electric space heaters, and wood burning stoves, you might not be as well acquainted with more modern entities such as heat pumps.


Heat pumps work by retrieving air from one area and moving it to another. Energy efficient and environmentally-friendly these devices can be a great option for heating your home.


Wondering whether or not you should opt for a heat pump? Consider these advantages and disadvantages to determine whether or not a heat pump is right for you.



Reasons to Opt for a Heat Pump:


1. It Will Save You Money

There’s no denying that heat pumps cost more than gas furnaces and electric heaters initially. However over time, because they don’t make use of as much energy as other heating devices, they will save you money.


Whereas gas furnaces require a constant stream of gas in order to operate, heat pumps only need a dose of electricity every once in a while, in order to operate.


2. It Will Both Heat and Cool Your Home

Because of its name, you may think that a heat pump will only heat your home. But in all actuality, heat pumps behave as both heaters and air conditioners. You can save money by only needing to have one temperature control device.


3. It Will Be Friendly to the Environment

While air conditioners and furnaces are becoming increasingly more environmentally-friendly, they are still not quite as friendly to the environment as heat pumps. Since they don’t use gas, and because they only use limited amounts of electricity, heat pumps leave a small carbon footprint.


4. It Will Be Exceedingly Safe

Due to the fact they use no gas, heat pumps leave no risk for indoor gas leaks. If you’re looking for an exceedingly safe heating option, a heat pump would be a great choice.


5. It Will Last for a Long Time

In general, heat pumps possess longer lifespans than air conditioners and gas furnaces. Generally, you will get around 20 years of use out of a heat pump.



Reasons to Opt Against a Heat Pump:


1. It Won’t Always Excel in Bitterly Cold Temperatures (Not a Big Problem in Florida)

Where heat pumps tend to struggle is in bitterly cold temperatures. If temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, heat pumps will typically work less efficiently. However, here in Florida, it is rare to have such cold temperatures.


2. Initially, It Will Be a Little Expensive

As was noted above, the initial prices of a heat pump are relatively high when compared to gas furnaces and electric heaters. However, with their energy-efficient operation, you should start to reap some financial rewards within a few years.


3. It Will Likely Come With a Complex Installation Process

While it’s not a given, in most instances, the installation of a heat pump is a complex process. This has to do with a number of factors. To operate adequately, heat pumps need to be set in the right location in relation to the wind. The process to find the best location can take a decent amount of time.



Decided to Opt for a Heat Pump?


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