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You feel comfortable living in your home. Your neighbors are friendly and trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about whether you’ve locked your doors and windows at night. And you are an active member of the neighborhood watch, though you have yet to see anything more suspicious than the occasional lost dog.

When you live in such a safe neighborhood, you may wonder if security measures and precautions are even necessary. Video cameras and alarm systems seem over the top, and hidden safes belong in heist films rather than your home.

But don’t dismiss security lighting just yet.

Although security lighting primarily deters thieves and vandals, these handy devices can do so much more for you and your family. When you install security lights on your home, you can enjoy all of the following benefits.

  • They Illuminate Without Wasting Power

When you come home after dark, you may struggle to see every last one of those porch steps, decorative flower pots, and discarded children’s toys.

A porch light or two can illuminate any hazards in your path, but you’d have to leave the lights on the entire time you’re away. Similarly, landscape lighting can give your home a cozy glow, but you’d have to set a timer to determine just how long (or little) they stay on after dark. With both options, you’d waste power brightening an empty yard, and your utility bills will reflect that extra usage.

However, if you were to use motion-sensor security lights, the lights only turn on when triggered. As soon as you pull into your driveway or walk close to your property, you can have the light you want for the few seconds or minutes you need it.

  • They Reduce Your Liability

As a homeowner, you remain responsible for maintaining a safe property for anyone who visits you. Your guests have a right to feel safe wherever they go, no matter if they want to drop off cookies on your porch or watch movies in your living room.

To ensure your guests’ safety, you have to take great care that steps and stairs remain in good condition, that tree branches won’t break unexpectedly, or that rugs and carpets provide a smooth path to travel. If you neglect your property, you may have to cover any medical bills should your neighbors suffer an accident.

Motion sensor security lighting ensures that hazardous areas such as stairs, uneven sidewalks, and dips or sinkholes in your lawn have adequate illumination. With proper lighting, you won’t have to worry about slip and fall accidents that could result in expensive injuries.

  • They Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Insurance providers see your home as an investment. As long nothing goes wrong with your property, they can make money from your monthly premiums. If, however, something does happen, they’ll lose money compensating you for the damages.

To make a profit, insurance providers will do everything they can to reduce risks to your home and property, and they’ll often offer incentives for homeowners to keep the property safe. Many major providers will lower your insurance premiums if you install security lights, secure your doors with dead bolts, maintain your smoke detectors, and invest in fire alarms. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, these extra security measures will give providers peace of mind.

Keep in mind that not every policy or provider offers these incentives, so talk to your agent about whether lights are worth the investment.

  • They Frighten Away Nocturnal Pests

Raccoons may look cute from afar, but these pests are one of the most destructive species in Florida. Raccoons will raid your dog’s food bowl, overturn your trashcan, and chew through electrical wires.

Similarly, opossums will also wreak havoc on your property if you let them. These nocturnal animals will also root through your garbage or drink from your pool. If they feel comfortable on your property, they’ll nest in your roof and chew through your insulation.

To keep these animals away from your home, hire a professional to install security lighting. Motion sensing lights will come on as soon as the animals enter the area. The sudden activity and illumination are often sufficient to startle them away from your home, and the lights remove potential hiding places, leaving the pests vulnerable to predators.

  • They Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, you may want to invest in a few technological upgrades to ensure a fast sale and a better profit.

Many homebuyers like to see a variety of smart devices that make the home more convenient to maintain, including smart thermostats, automatic door locks, whole-house generators, and security systems with motion sensing lights. Some buyers will pay as much as 3% to 5% more on a home that has these amenities.

Don’t Wait to Install Your New Security Lights

As you can see, security lights have a lot more to offer you than mild protection against intruders. With the right lights, you can save money each month and avoid multiple problems that would cost you dearly to correct.

If your home doesn’t have security lights, reach out to one of the contractors at All American Air & Electric. We’ll gladly help you install new lighting and wiring.