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You look around your home, and you swell with pride. It looks pristine. Every countertop gleams, and you’ve finally scoured the dirt tracked into your carpet. Your home even smells clean and fresh.


However, despite the fact that you’ve dusted every nook and cranny, you still experience allergy symptoms. And those symptoms have begun to drive you crazy. You need relief, but you don’t know what else to do now that you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom.


But even if you’ve scrubbed your vents and wiped the baseboards, you’ve still missed one critical part of your home: the air. Air contains many of the same bacteria and contaminants that create the dust on your windowsills. If you want lasting relief from your allergy symptoms, you’ll need an air purifier or ultraviolet protection.


Don’t be fooled by imitation lights that may be blue but are not ultraviolet. There are many different kinds of ultraviolet lights available on the markets. Be sure to speak with a professional, licensed contractor for more details.


Below, we’ve listed some of the contaminants that air purifiers keep out of your lungs. Once you have one of these devices, you’ll feel happier, healthier, and more comfortable in no time.



1. Mold and Mildew Spores


A/C ductwork, modern bathrooms and kitchens create the perfect dark, damp, and warm climate for mold growth. And while most mold spores won’t cause much more than an allergic reaction, others can lead to lung and sinus infections.


Unfortunately, even if you eradicate every mold colony under your cabinets and on your walls, you’ll still have spores floating in the air. Don’t let those spores make your allergies worse-invest in an air purifier so you can breathe easy again.



2. Plant Allergens


When you experience warm weather, you throw the windows open to let in a breeze and flush out the stale air. However, the breeze has that fresh smell because it contains microscopic particles, like dirt and pollen.


If you don’t have allergies, the pollen only causes temporary irritation. But if you do have allergies, your body reacts to pollen Asif it were a threat, so it signals your immune system to attack. You experience symptoms like a runny nose, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat until your body purges all the pollen from your system. And since you continue to inhale more pollen, your body thinks it has to continue defending itself.


You can end this cycle if you use an UV protection filter or other air purification system to zap the pollen before it reaches your sinuses.



3. Pet Dander


Your pet’s hair and dander could also cause your discomfort. As animals shed, their skin particles join the other contaminants in the air, and you later inhale these impurities.


As mentioned above, if you don’t have an allergy, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. But if you do, the resulting symptoms could make you consider giving your pet away.


However, you don’t have to give up your pet’s companionship to feel comfortable again. Brush and bathe your pet regularly, vacuum daily, and install an air purifier or UV protection system.



4. Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.)


If you recently painted or renovated your home, the chemicals and particles from that project could still fill the air. These particles cause allergic responses in smaller doses-but you could also experience infections and even cancer if you have too much exposure. But luckily, an air purification system protects you from all of these problems and more.



5. Pesticides, Herbicides and Germicides


Homes with big gardens or farms surrounding them often contain these chemical contaminants. They don’t cause problems in small doses, but they could cause chronic conditions with continued exposure. Boost your lifelong health by purifying your air.


Additionally, check the seals around the windows and doors in your home. Any cracks could let additional chemicals pollute your home’s interior, and your air purifier or UV protection system might not work fast enough to sufficiently clean the air.



6. Automobile or Factory Emissions


Toxic fumes and emissions can cause just as many problems to you as to the environment. An air purifier or UV protection system keeps you from developing cancer and other chronic health problems after you inhale too much exhaust. So if you live close to an industrial site or a major road, you’ll need one of these appliances to keep your air safe to breathe.



7. Cigarette Smoke


Cigarette smoke contains 200 known poisons and 60 chemicals known to cause cancer. It doesn’t just harm the people who deliberately inhale it either. In fact, secondhand smoke often causes more damage because bystanders inhale it without a filter. So if someone in your household smokes, encourage them to preserve his or her health and your health by quitting.


However, quitting takes time, and you need some way to clean the air in the interim. An air purifier or UV protection system can protect everyone from cigarettes’ toxic chemicals.



8. Smoke from a Wood Stove or Fireplace


Dancing flames provide warmth and comfort during stormy days, but they also produce smoke that could harm your lungs. This smoke doesn’t contain nearly as many harmful toxins as cigarette smoke, but it could still lead to infections, inflammation, and other sinus problems. It will also make your entire home smell smoky.


Again, when you have an air purifier, your family won’t inhale anything harmful, and your home will smell fresh. If you’d like to install one of these appliances in your home, contact your local HVAC technicians. They’ll help you determine what kind of air purifier or UV protection system best suits your needs.