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Electrician in Marion County FloridaThe electrical wiring that’s used in homes is durable, and it’s capable of withstanding decades of consistent use. With that said, it doesn’t last forever. It will incur wear and tear over time, and it will eventually need to be replaced.

Now, you might be wondering: how can you tell whether it’s time for an electrical wiring replacement? Below, we’re going to discuss four common signs that your electrical wiring is bad, and that it’s time to contact an electrician in Marion County, Florida.

1. Your Lights Flicker

One of the surest signs that your electrical wiring is bad is that your lights flicker regularly. Now, we’re not talking a flicker every week or so. We’re talking continuous flickering that occurs on an almost daily basis.

The reason that a light would flicker is that its electrical path is being disturbed in some way. There are short moments in which the light fixture isn’t receiving electricity. Though bad wiring isn’t the only factor that could cause this, it’s certainly one of the most common.

At the very least, this demands inspection. You should call your local Marion County Florida electrician and inform them of the issue. They’ll take a closer look and make any repairs that might be needed.

2. Your Outlets Are Hot to the Touch

The surfaces of your electrical outlets should possess roughly the same temperature as the rest of the room. In some cases, however, the surfaces of electrical outlets grow hot. What causes this? In many cases, bad electrical wiring is the culprit.

When electrical wiring is bad, it can have trouble regulating the amount of electricity that’s passing through it. It can sometimes send too much electricity at once, thus overloading the outlet fixture and causing the surface of the outlet to heat up.

In some cases, this can be dangerous, as the wiring could eventually spark, thus causing a fire. You should have it inspected by a licensed electrician in Marion County Florida as soon as possible. They’ll determine the source of the issue and recommend all necessary fixes.

3. Buzzing Sounds

Electricity isn’t supposed to make any noise, at least when it’s operating properly. If it’s not operating properly, however, it could very well make a buzzing sound.

This should become obvious the second it presents itself. It will usually be coming from an outlet or a light fixture. The deteriorated wiring can’t send a steady electrical current, and so it takes on a buzzing sound as the current attempts to make it through impaired parts of the circuit.

As soon as you notice this sound, it’s recommended that you call an electrician. A fix needs to be made as soon as possible.

4. Regularly Tripping Circuit Breakers

The last sign that you need new electrical wiring is that your circuit breakers are tripping regularly. This is particularly true if it’s always the same breaker that’s tripping.

What causes a circuit breaker to trip? Electrical overload. What causes electrical overload? Either improper wiring or deteriorated wiring.

Though you could continue to live with this problem, you really wouldn’t be getting the most out of your electrical system. If you want to optimize your electrical system, you should get in touch with a professional electrician in Marion County Florida and have them make the necessary changes.

Looking for a Reputable Electrician in Marion County Florida?

Do there appear to be issues with the electrical wiring in your home? If so, and if you’re looking to have it inspected by a reputable electrician in Marion County Florida, the team at All American Air & Electric is here to help.

Our electricians are well-versed when it comes to repairing and replacing the electrical wiring in homes and businesses. Regardless of the extent of your damage, we are the people to call. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.