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Air conditioning repair at a house in Ocala, FloridaBy and large, air conditioners are reliable systems. Nevertheless, problems do occur from time to time, and when they do, they should be handled in a timely manner.

The question is: how can you determine when it’s time for an air conditioner repair in Ocala, Florida? There are a few different signs to look out for. We’re going to discuss four of the most common:

1. Your Rooms Are Different Temperatures

Is one of the rooms in your home 68°F, while another is 74°F? If so, and if your air conditioner is running, there is most likely something wrong with it.

Temperature inconsistencies like these can be caused by several different issues. With that being said, the most common cause is duct blockage. If there’s an excess amount of dust in a certain part of your duct system, it could block cold air from reaching a specific room in your home. This would result in temperature inconsistencies.

The solution? You should have your air ducts cleaned. An Ocala air conditioning maintenance company can help you with this task.

2. Your Air Conditioner Is Making Strange Noises

Another sign that your AC might need a repair is that it’s making strange noises. These noises could be anything from squeaks, to knocks, to bangs, and more.

Whereas squeaking noises are often indicative of bad belts, knocking noises are indicative of an impaired condenser, and banging noises are indicative of loose or damaged components. All these problems can become more severe if you ignore them, causing additional stress on your air conditioner and reducing its lifespan.

The key is to have your unit inspected by a professional Ocala air conditioning technician. He or she can assess the problem, find the source, and take action to repair it.

3. There Is Refrigerant Leaking from Your Air Conditioner

When you go to your AC condenser and look at the area under the refrigerant line (the cable that leads from the condenser into your home), do you see liquid on the ground? If so, your AC is experiencing a refrigerant leak, which requires immediate attention.

Refrigerant fluid is 100% vital to the operation of an air conditioner. If it leaves the system, the system will soon fail to function as it should.

Fortunately, putting new refrigerant into the system is a simple task. Your Ocala air conditioner repair technician can do this for you, and they can also patch up the leak that caused the spill.

4. Your Air Conditioner Is Short Cycling

The last sign that you need air conditioner repair in Ocala is that your air conditioner is short cycling. This is an issue where your air conditioner never fully cycles. As such, your house never gets as cold as it’s intended to, and your air conditioner takes on unnecessary wear and tear.

You can recognize short cycling as short and frequent on and off periods. The air conditioner will turn on for 10 seconds, turn off for 10 seconds, turn on for 10 seconds, and then repeat this process.

There are a variety of things that can cause short cycling — from a mis-sized AC unit, to dirty sensors, to dirty air filters, and more. The only way to find out for sure is to have an AC repair technician assess your unit.

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