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Electrical repair at a house in Ocala, FloridaElectrical systems are designed to thrive through years and years of use. However, like anything else, they can also incur problems from time to time. As such, they sometimes require repairs.

There are many reasons as to why an electrical system could require repairs. However, some reasons are more common than others. Wondering which signs to look out for? Here are five of the most common issues you may face with your Ocala electrical system.

1. Frequently-tripping Circuit Breaker

Is your home the host to an overly-active circuit breaker? Does your power go out every time you turn on a blender? If so, you undoubtedly need the assistance of an electrician.

In this case, every time you plug in a new appliance, your electrical system is becoming overloaded with power. As a means of protecting you and your home, your circuit breaker then shuts everything off.

What you need is to change the wiring in your house so that it doesn’t easily become overloaded. An electrical contractor can facilitate this project for you, allowing for optimal safety and performance.

2. Your Lights are Frequently Flickering

Do you often notice your lights flickering? Do they tend to do this more so when substantial amounts of electricity are being used? If so, it’s highly recommended that you call your local electrician.

There could be a number of problems that are causing this to happen. Your lighting fixtures could be deteriorated and dysfunctional, your electrical wiring could be compromised, or your system could be overloaded. In any case, an experienced electrician can identify the problem and take action to correct it.

3. Your Outlets Aren’t Grounded

In general, there are two types of electrical outlets: grounded outlets and ungrounded outlets. Whereas grounded outlets contain 3 prong holes, ungrounded outlets contain only 2.

What is the 3rd prong hole used for? It prevents electrical overload, reducing the risk of sparking, shocking, and housefires. As such, every outlet in your home should be a grounded model. For safety reasons, we strongly suggest replacing any ungrounded outlets in your home.

Need help doing so? An electrical contractor can get the job done for you.

4. Your Outlets are Hot

Electrical outlets should, under no circumstances, be hot to the touch. If they are, they’re being overloaded with electricity, which could very well cause safety issues in the near future.

Not only can hot outlets begin to spark, but they also have a chance of shocking you. It doesn’t get much more dangerous than that.

Therefore, if you feel inordinate heat from your outlet, you should contact your local electrician. A repair is undoubtedly needed.

5. Your Outlets are Loose

Over time, as they’re exposed to more and more wear and tear, electrical outlets start to take on deterioration. This deterioration comes in many forms.

In some cases, the outlet itself will become loose, wobbling upon touch. In other cases, the prong holes in the outlets will become loose, failing to properly hold onto plugs.

If you’re experiencing either one of these problems, you’ll want to call your local electrician. By repairing the first problem, you’ll be fixing a potential safety hazard. By repairing the second problem, you’ll be fixing a potential functionality problem.

In Need of and Electrician or Electrical Repair in Ocala, Florida?

Have you experienced any of the signs reviewed above? In need of electrical repair or electrician in Ocala, Florida? If so, All American Air & Electric is the company to call.

We are well-versed in the repair of electrical systems, having repaired thousands of them throughout the Central Florida area. Regardless of your electrical repair needs, we can help.

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