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ductless-ac-systemSpring has arrived. It won’t be long until the extreme heat descends upon Port Salerno. In other words, air conditioning season is just around the corner.


Maybe you’re interested in installing a new air conditioning unit this year? If so, you might want to consider installing a ductless air conditioner.


Wondering whether ductless air conditioners would accommodate your specific needs? Then read on. Below, we’re going to cover both the upsides and downsides of ductless air conditioners in Port Salerno.


The Upsides:

While ductless air conditioners might not be for everyone, they are the perfect option for some. The upsides of ductless air conditioners include the following.


Quick Installation

If you want to get the installation process out of the way as quickly as possible, you will be very pleased with ductless air conditioners. Because they don’t require the use of ducts, they can be installed in a relatively short amount of time.


All that’s required for the installation is to cut a hole in the wall, mount the air conditioner, and mount the condenser. It’s not all that different from installing a window AC—it’s just mounted on the wall instead of on a window sill.


Cost-effective as a Single-room Solution

If you’re only looking to cool one or two rooms in your home, ductless air conditioning would be the most cost-effective and energy efficient option.


Whereas a single central AC system would cost around $5,500, a single ductless AC unit would cost around $2,000.


Temperature Variation

One of the big drawbacks of central AC is that it doesn’t allow for temperature variation in different rooms. For instance, central AC won’t simultaneously allow you to produce a temperature of 72°F in one room and a temperature of 76°F in another.


Ductless ACs, on the other hand, don’t have this problem. This is because each individual unit covers one room and can be programmed to produce any temperature you desire.


Easy Maintenance

Ductless ACs are not maintenance-free units. However, when compared to central AC systems, they require very little maintenance. Generally, all you’ll have to do with a ductless AC is change its air filter and clean its coils. You won’t have to worry about removing debris or cleaning out air ducts.


The Downsides:

Ductless air conditioners are terrific devices that perform their function exceedingly well. However, they do fall short in a few key areas. Here are the downsides of ductless air conditioners.


Aesthetically Troublesome

Functionally speaking, ductless air conditioners are wonderful. Aesthetically speaking, however, they can be a bit of a problem. This is because, in order to run a ductless AC, you must mount its big, bulky blower on your wall.


In contrast, central AC systems only require that you install discrete, metal vents.


Expensive as a Whole-House Solution

While ductless ACs are cost-effective as a single-room cooling solution, they can be very expensive as a whole-house cooling solution. This is because, in order to cool a whole house without any ducts, you would have to have a number of ductless AC units installed.


Install Ductless Air Conditioners in Port Salerno

Are you looking to install air conditioning in your home? Interested in installing ductless air conditioners in Port Salerno? If so, All American Air & Electric has you covered.


As Port Salerno’s premier air conditioning installation company, we have installed ductless air conditioners for countless customers over the years. Regardless of your air conditioning needs, our team of licensed and highly-skilled HVAC technicians can accommodate you.


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