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furnace-filter-replacementIn Port St. Lucie, we’re heading into the middle of winter, and our furnaces are more than likely now being put to work. Now would be the worst possible time for us to lose heat in our homes and businesses. For this reason, we need to keep a close watch on our furnaces to ensure that they’re always operating as expected.


The question is: how can you tell if your furnace is running at max capacity? What are the signs that it’s not quite getting the job done?


This article will have all the answers you’re looking for. Here is how to know if your furnace needs to be maintained or repaired.


It’s Making Strange Noises

Is your furnace making squeaking noises? Maybe it’s making clunking noises? In either case, if your furnace is making noises, it’s more than likely suffering from a problem of some kind.


Squeaking noises usually come from furnaces when a belt has become loose or has broken. Clunking noises usually arise when a furnace is too dirty. Both noises are cause for concern, and should trigger a call to the local furnace repair company.


It’s Emitting Strange Smells

You should never, under any circumstances, smell odors coming from your furnace. If odors are presenting themselves, there is almost certainly a problem.


Are you smelling gas around your furnace? If so, there could very well be a dangerous leak. In these situations, it’s strongly recommended that you get out of your home, call the authorities for a proper inspection, and then call a furnace repair specialist to make any necessary repairs.


Are you smelling chemical odors instead? If so, a carbon monoxide leakage might be the problem. Like gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks are dangerous, and should be checked out immediately.


Its Pilot Light Isn’t Glowing

Your furnace’s pilot light is necessary for your furnace to produce heat. If it becomes extinguished, your furnace will not function as it’s intended to function, and you’ll need to call a repair technician.


Pilot lights can go out for a variety of reasons. However, in most cases, they become extinguished due to dirty thermocouples. Generally, replacing your thermocouple will get your pilot light ignited once again.


Its Temperatures Aren’t Consistent with Thermostat Readings

Does your house feel like it’s 75 degrees inside, even though your thermostat is reading 70? While your mind could be deceiving you, there’s also a chance that the thermostat and furnace are not operating on the same page.


Usually, when this occurs, it’s due to poor connectivity. If you use a wireless thermostat, your WiFi signal could be inconsistent, which could be causing the issue. If you use a wired thermostat, its wires could be loose or deteriorated. In any case, we recommend calling a licensed repair technician to assess the problem.


It’s Operating Very Slowly

How long does it take for your furnace to reach desired temperatures? 15 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour?


If it’s taking any longer than 45 minutes for your furnace to reach a desired temperature, it has probably encountered a problem of some kind. Generally, this problem is caused by faulty thermostats and dirty air ducts. Whatever the cause of the problem may be, a seasoned furnace repair technician can solve it.


In Need of Furnace Repair or Furnace Maintenance in Port St. Lucie, Florida?

Does your furnace appear to be on the fritz? Are you in need of a furnace repair in Port St. Lucie? If so, the heating specialists with All American Air & Electric are the people to see.


Our heating specialists are beyond experienced in the maintenance and repair of home furnaces. Regardless of the problem that your furnace is suffering from, our specialists can help you get it back to normal.


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