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Your air conditioner is a machine. While you hope that it serves you well, like any machine, it will eventually encounter functionality issues. When these issues arise, one of two things will need to be done: either your AC will need to be replaced, or it will need to be repaired.


If a repair is needed, you would be well-served by calling in an air conditioner repair company. How can you tell when an Ocala air conditioner repair company is required? By keeping a close eye out for the following signs.


Unpleasant Noises

If your air conditioner isn’t making any noise at all, it could be that your air conditioner simply isn’t on. However, this doesn’t mean that all noises which come from your air conditioner are acceptable. If your AC is making thumping noises, screeching noises, or thudding noises, it’s likely experiencing an issue of some kind.


Unusual air conditioner noises can be caused by a number of different things. Maybe there’s something stuck in your condenser? Maybe the AC’s motor is failing?


Regardless of what the problem is, if you’re hearing unusual noises, you should bring in an air conditioner repair company in Ocala. An air conditioning repair specialist will identify the problem and make any necessary repairs.


Refrigerant Line Leaks

Have you noticed a liquid of some kind beneath the insulated line which runs from your condenser into your home? If so, your air conditioner has likely experienced a refrigerant leak.


Refrigerant is vital to the functioning of an air conditioner unit. If it’s not running through your system, your system quite simply won’t operate.


Need to patch up the leak and have your system filled with fresh refrigerant? An air conditioner repair company can get the job done for you.


Slow Functionality

When you adjust the temperature on your thermostat, your air conditioner should accommodate that temperature within around 30 minutes. If it fails to do so, there is almost certainly something wrong with the system.


Slowed functionality can occur for a number of reasons, from condenser impairments, to motor damage, and more. Regardless of what the actual problem is, a repair service will be able to identify it, and right any wrongs.


Unusually High Electric Bills

Have you noticed your electrical bills skyrocketing as of late? While this could be an error by the electric company, there’s also a chance that your electrical usage is genuinely that high.


Typically, when electric bills skyrocket, the culprit is your air conditioner. Air conditioners require huge amounts of energy in order to run. When they experience damage of some kind, their energy consumption can as much as double.


When your energy bills skyrocket in this manner, it’s always a good idea to have a professional take a look at your AC.


Thermostat Malfunction

While it’s rare, it is possible for your thermostat to malfunction. When this occurs, it’s usually because of wiring or a weak WiFi signal.


In any case, an air conditioning company will be able to identify it and immediately set out to correct it.


Utilize a Reliable Ocala Air Conditioner Repair Company

Is your AC operating slowly? Is your thermostat not responsive? Interested in utilizing a reliable Ocala air conditioner repair company? If so, we here at All American Air & Electric have you covered.


Since opening in 1996, we’ve helped to repair a bevy of air conditioner units all across the Ocala, Florida area. Regardless of the nature of your air conditioner problem, we can accommodate you.


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