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If you live in Florida, you have likely already seen the effects of hurricanes. You know firsthand how much damage they can do, and you want to protect your home, possessions, and family.

In order to stay safe during hurricane season, you need to be prepared for the storm and its aftermath. This article will teach you the basics of hurricane preparedness.

Plans and Supplies

If you know a hurricane is coming, the most important thing you can do is to plan ahead. Before a hurricane, you need to:

  • Bring inside items that can be blown away by the wind, such as your children’s bikes, lawn furniture, and trash.
  • Close all your doors and windows. If you don’t have hurricane shutters, reinforce your windows with plywood.
  • Fill up your car. Gas stations may not be operable for a few days, so you need a full tank now.
  • Understand your city’s evacuation plan in case the storm gets too bad to stay. Make sure to discuss it with all family members, so if you have to leave in a hurry, everyone will know what to do.
  • Fill up tub with water for toilets.

You’ll also need to gather supplies for during the hurricane and its aftermath. You’ll need:

  • Three day’s worth of water—each person in your household needs one gallon per day
  • A first-aid kit, radio with new batteries, candles
  • One week’s supply of any medication your family takes
  • Your important documents, such as passports and birth certificates
  • Cash (if the power goes out, credit cards may not work)
  • Supplies for any pets you own
  • Propane gas for grills, cooler with ice

If you gather important supplies and make plans now, you are more likely to weather the storm safely and easily.

Electric Needs

One of the most common effects of a hurricane is losing power. If your home no longer has electricity, you may not be able to prepare food, browse the internet, use your air conditioning, or even turn the lights on.

One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to prevent it. If you install a generator, you will never lose power. The generator can kick in as soon as the city’s power fails, which means you’ll still have access to vital resources like light, food and air conditioning.

Even if you have a generator, make sure you are prepared to deal with losing power, just in case. Keep flashlights with extra batteries on hand, and make sure to have a non-perishable three-day supply of food for your family that you don’t have to cook. Additionally, since you may not be able to get online, make sure you have emergency numbers written down.

Electrical Help

If you want to prepare for hurricane season, start with your electrical system. All American Air & Electric can help you prep your outdoor A/C unit to keep it safe from the wind. If you’re interested in a generator, we can help you choose the right one and install it. Call us for more information in Marion and surrounding counties at 352-629-1211 or St. Lucie and surrounding counties at 772-878-5143.