April 24, 2014

Jimmy – Owner/s

Just a note to thank you for not charging me for Allen’s fixing our air conditioning.

Also, I want to express my appreciation for your Allen – #274. He was most helpful and conducted

himself as a real professional. He is a great representative of your company.

Thanks again,

Jim W.


Mr. Bruce Pombrio


All American Air & Electric

Mr. Pombrio,

I just want to state, in writing, complements for outstanding work performed, by workers, at my

residence, as I sometimes do for worked, performed, that I consider unprofessional!

The two representatives, selected to work on my unit, 1/10/14, invoice # 76669, were outstanding

representatives for All American and performed outstanding service. My wife and I have been just so

please with the final results! What took place is what we could have dreamed of!

I have been with All American for years, my first unit installed back in September, 2002, and the

assistance, provided by you and your staff, with my recent problems, have been just outstanding! The

outstanding concern you showed in assisting with my problems passed on down to the person that

receives incoming telephone calls – the great concern they show for the assistance with problems!

My sincere thanks to All American Air & Electric, Inc STAFF!


John B.


September 6, 2014

Dear All American Air & Electric,

We wanted to take this time to write a positive letter in regards to your kind, honest and

professional service technicians, Joe and Rudy.

We had a cleaning and check done on September 2, 2014 in the morning. They came on the

time and called just before they came to remind us. They were through and explained everything they

were doing and showed us some pointers to help our system along in between your cleanings. In the

meantime they found our system was working very well and needed nothing else to be done to it. We

were shocked because we were ready for the “all right what do we need now speech” and for a moment

we were speechless before we said thank-you for being so honest.

We had the 11 year old system updated with special parts with your company last year. I should

have written a letter to let you all know what an outstanding job the knowledgeable technicians did for

us, too. For that I am sorry.

We will always recommend you to others and warn them about the other companies that can

take you for your last dollar (we had a very bad experienced with one too.) Thank-you again for having

great technicians such as we have had. They truly make your company what it is today!


Karen T


April 20, 2015

Attn: Bill

Regarding: Nick Sykes

To Whom It May Concern

I want to recognize Nick Sykes for an exemplary job dealing with our account. Yesterday Sunday, April

19th we came home from being out of town and our A/C wasn’t working. We were fortunate enough to

have a service contract with All American Air & Electric and Nick originally came out to service our unit

back in January. We called the Treasure Coast office – A HUMAN answered, and Nick was at our home

within a few hours! WOW… service was amazing so personal!

Soon after Nick arrived, and after speaking with my husband with excelled product knowledge, we

decided it was time to purchase a new unit. He took the time to sit with us on a Sunday late afternoon

and answer all our questions about the different units and ultra violet option (which we choose to do).

We were so grateful and very impressed with Nick’s knowledge and professionalism. You should be

proud to have such an amazing and competent employee. My husband and I are thrilled with Nick’s

customer service! Thanks to Nick for what could have been an extremely stressful decision made into

an easy and well educated decision.

Please feel free to use my testimony as “Tanya L.” of Jupiter FL anywhere in your marketing materials.

We look forward to having All American Air & Electric service our A/C unit for years to come.

Kind regards,

Tanya L.


April 20, 2015


Attn: Bill

Regarding: Brett Smith

To Whom It May Concern,

I want to recognize Brett and Shane for an exemplary job with the installation of our new unit today.

They are both extremely professional, proficient and well mannered. You should be product to have

such amazing employees. My husband and I are thrilled with your customer service! Thanks to Brett

and Shane for could have been a stressful situation into a pleasant experience!

Please feel free to use my testimony as “Tanya L.” of Jupiter FL anywhere in your marketing materials.

We look forward to having All American Air & Electric service our A/C unit for years to come.

Kind regards,

Tanya L.


Jupiter FL


To whom it may concern,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your employee, David Glazier. My husband and

I have had the pleasure of having Dave come to our home for air condition service more than once. If

we could have it our way, we would prefer he come everytime. He is very professional, down to earth,

kind hearted, and has all the qualities we look for in a business. He is outstanding at representing your

business. Sadly, it seems now a days that too many people rush to get things done, forget to simply

greet people, and are usually giving the impression of not wanting to be there. This is not at all how

Dave is. I enjoy talking to Dave, he puts his job first and takes pride in both the business he works for

and pleasing the customer. We believe David is an asset to your company and request him, if possible,

for all of our air conditioner needs. Dave, keep up the great work, for you are appreciated and definitely

make and speak volumes for the company!


Sheila A.


August 17, 2014

To whom it may concern,

I had a new complete air conditioning system installed by All American air and Electric, on July 27, 2014.

Within the next day or so the unit did not operate according to plan.

A call to company’s night number and within a couple hours a service tech was on site, doing some

checks and adding some gas, It was working fine. Two days later it started to fail again, after speaking to

the office a tech by the name of Jammy was sent out, after a series of test, came to the conclusion it did

have leak. The next question was where, put in a dye pack, run it for the week end and on a Monday

returned, the condensing unit had a bad condensing coil.

Jammy called in and a new condensing unit was sent out and installed that morning.

Though we had a problem on a new unit it was handled in a professional manner, and I will say that

Jammy is a plus for any company to have. I would recommend All American Air and Electric as a

company to do business with. Tell Jammy thanks a mission for me.

Eugene K., Ocala FL

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  • Patricia


    My home has 5 AC systems. All American is my choice for their care because: (1) their price quote is fair with no hidden costs; (2) Barbara who arranges the appointments is always cheerful; (3) the technicians are on time, courteous, neat and always professional.

    I highly recommend them.


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